Case Report: Opening a Hot Wheels 2016 F Case…

Hot Wheels 2016 Batch F available at Wheel Collectors

Still waiting for the E Case to hit stores?  Well, let’s help you pass the time with an F Case report…

It might seem too soon for the F Case, but this is an International Case, and they do come earlier than the US Cases.  Plus, based on previous years, this is right on schedule.  After the holidays things tend to hit at different times, mainly because stores are not ordering as much product.  So it is normal to not have seen one batch while the next batch shows up at hobby stores.  I have no idea if that makes sense, but just know that it is normal.

And hey, who cares, because you can get all of these models right now at Wheel Collectors.  So grab your Integra and your Aston DB10, and maybe grab a few models from the WC January Sale as well.  Win win!

Anyway, let’s get to the case.  As always, this is a random 72-count case pulled off the pallet by Wheel Collectors and opened.  All the models are photographed 3-by-3 as they are pulled.


(And as always, all are available at the Wheel Collectors eBay Store…)

Hot Wheels 2016 F Case:

A nice case.  My guess is the Integra and Aston Martin will get a good deal of deserved attention, but I would say my favorite of the batch is the Escort in a rally racing theme.  The Grass Chomper is interesting, the Chevy Luv looks nice red, as does the C10 in blue.

As far as Treasure Hunts go, this may be the only time you might be happy not to get one.  The Bad Mudder II is truly a bad Super TH.  I argued last year that the Rrroadster looked great for a non licensed Super, but I cannot make that same argument with this one.  The Mountain Mauler is the Regular.

There might be a third chase-type model in this case.  The ’67 Chevelle is the Leap Year model, with special artwork and all.  If it stays one per case, and only in this batch, it is bound to get gobbled up.

All in all, a good one.  What are you after?

16 Replies to “Case Report: Opening a Hot Wheels 2016 F Case…”

  1. Well I WAS looking forward to the DB10, but now hearing that it will be in the Entertainment Line in a few months has me less excited for the mainline version. I'll still be keeping my eyes peeled for it though.

  2. I am probably the only one that reads the blog that wants the Bad Mudder 2 $TH, lol.

    Of note… It seems it was believed the Charger Daytona would be the F mix $TH, but I guess that is not the case. And because of that, this likely means that, if Kday cases are F mix, the Bad Mudder 2 will be the $TH for kdays.

  3. Wow, so many good looking non licensd models. The grass chomper Spike and the gazella looking fantastatic, Teegray and Mountain mauler got decent graphics,AND ALL THESE AWESOME LICENSD…. still waiting for d case

  4. I don't know for sure but I presume it will be the same as the second Morris Mini release from 2015, the light blue one, with a chrome plastic chassis and no pop-off feature. I suspect the first 2015 release of the Morris Mini, the orange one, was the last time it will ever appear in full diecast with the pop-off feature, at least as a mainline.

  5. The Escort is easily my pick of the case, just for the Catrol livery, which looks glorious in Hot Wheels form. I hope we also see the Escort in a Shell racing livery in future years (or in a premium release).

    My runner-up would be the Ford Torino Talladega, also because of the logo. Even though we don't even have 76/Union gas stations in Canada, I like collecting the logo (my favourite Slick Rides delivery release was the Dodge A100 in the 76 Livery, especially the blue and red version, which I've kept carded).

  6. Integra and DB10, come to papa baby! Not just because of the hype, but because they are truly beautiful.

    I am also going to get that McLaren P1 in blue, very elegant. And you have to admit, for to be a fantasy casting, the Gazella is a real beauty.

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