The 2016 Matchbox ’15 Corvette Stingray Police: The latest in a long line of stellar Matchbox Police Cars…

So where to begin on this one?

Matchbox has allowed me to preview the upcoming ’15 Corvette Stingray Police, and there is a lot to say.  Thankfully it is all good.

So let’s go topic by topic:

1. The Fire Rescue Livery

A lot of you were surprised that the Vette is debuting in this yellow and orange Fire livery.  Hell, a lot of you are wondering why make a “Police” Vette in the first place.  Here in the US, seeing a Corvette Police car is what we might call a very infrequent occurrence.  In fact, I am not aware of any.

But I love the idea of a Police Vette, and it sure does add to the stellar lineup of Matchbox police cars (more on that in a minute).  Plus, police/emergency Corvettes do exist.  The best example?  Dubai of course:

Well look at that!  Now it might a tad obvious where Michael Heralda got his inspiration from for this model.  Hopefully the surprising yellow look of this one makes sense.  To me it makes this model that much more desirable.

But for those that might not be too keen, this model will be back and back and back.  I am sure we will see it sport a plethora of police liveries.

2. It pairs perfectly with the Hot Wheels Stingray

Don’t think that Matchbox just put a lightbar on the top of Hot Wheels’ casting and called it a Matchbox.  Side by side there are plenty of differences.  But size-wise they are nearly identical, and both are done almost perfectly.  The Hot Wheels sits a little lower and is a little sportier, the Matchbox is more detailed, and they look perfect together.  I love it when Hot Wheels and Matchbox produce replicas of the same car that compliment each other.  Street to police, stock to racing, whatever.  These two are as complimentary as it can get.

3. The Detail

Now that we have determined that this model was built from scratch, check out the details.  Those cool little MBX touches are there, like a police interior, equipment in the back, and those fantastic side mirrors.

Those mirrors are some of the best looking I have seen on a Matchbox.  No blobs.  Seriously they might be my favorite part of the model.

4. This is the second Matchbox Corvette Police Car

The ZR1 appeared in police livery a few years back in a Police 5-pack.  It still looks really good:

It is nice to have a pair now.

5. This is yet another fantastic Matchbox Police casting.

This is my favorite part of this feature.  I love that Matchbox did a Corvette Police.  Police cars have become one of the strengths of Matchbox, and even through darker days they continued to produce great police castings.  And the variety is fantastic.

There isn’t just your standard Crown Vics and Dodge Chargers, which they have done, but police cars that are used in different parts of the world, and form a multitude of carmakers.  Ford, Chevy, Dodge, of course, but also BMW, Lamborghini, Subaru, Mitsubishi, and Buick.  They are doing new cars and classic cars.  And not just sedans, but sports cars, wagons, SUVs, and pickups (Dodge Ram Police is coming soon).  Here are some of the police castings that have come from Matchbox over the last 9-10 years:

Ford Crown Victoria

Dodge Magnum

Subaru WRX STI

Dodge Monaco


Ford Interceptor

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo

Buick Century

Lamborghini Gallardo

Dodge Charger Pursuit

Mustang LX SSP


Corvette Stingray

Is that a cool lineup or what?  And these are just the dedicated police castings.  There are quite a few older castings, as well as models that have been given a police livery.  Quite a fleet.

When all is said and done, this model might get a bit overlooked by its 2016 New Model counterparts like the Mazda Miata and Nissan Skyline, but this one is, at least to me, a fantastic addition to the lineup.  I am looking for a multitude of future versions…

21 Replies to “The 2016 Matchbox ’15 Corvette Stingray Police: The latest in a long line of stellar Matchbox Police Cars…”

  1. Hmmnn. Where to start? I am an emergency collector so this should wind me up. But it doesn't. First the roof/light bar is not that good. With the new “integrated lights bars” it disappears. In the past the add on lights stood out and enhanced the models. Also as time goes on this will have a limited application. So instead of realistic scheme we will see designer's dreams of what it should be. Also I am a sports car nut. So MB doing a new Vette should be awesome. I can only hope they have a second version coming with the standard roof and interior. MB needs to be making these iconic sports cars. The fact there isn't a new Mustang, Camaro or Vette in the line up is almost inexcusable.

  2. That lightbar is horrible for the life of don't understand how that gets by quality control. Even the design team should of recognized that it just took away from the cast. The car itself is brilliant but the light bar is wrong on so many levels
    1. It is hideous
    2. Takes away from the casting
    3. It don't fit the car
    4. It stands out and not in a good way
    Really I just don't get how they felt this was good enough to put out! I'm shaking my head her.
    I posted yesterday about the boxes and I'm trying to support them but come on be a more on top of things. Go back to the old mold it was so much better and nothing to complain about!

  3. John Nilson, the car gets by QC because thats what the design called for. It should not have made it off the drawing board.
    That said, it is a new LED panel emergency beacon set up it is trying to mimic, not the standard roatating beacon bars that used to be.

  4. Sorry on the light thing on the roof – NO, it looks all wrong, just like a lump on the roof – ignore that and the model is great, I have asked this question before, but no one answered.

    Mattel stated quite clearly that Blue and Orange brands would NOT do the same models, but they are there is a number of models that are available on both sides, jaguar, Tesla, Corvette and so on, so, why, instead of just doubling up, why not have a different model, instead of the two Jags (MR Prescott for those in the UK) why not an XE, XF or XJ, instead of the Tesla S, why not the Tesla X, and instead of another Corvette, why not a sports car from another brand, like Alpine, the new one is amazingly beautiful.

  5. Let's be candid, the primary reason to do this version first is to increase sales. Customers will buy this model of the new Corvette and then buy it again in street colors. As a marketing plan, it works just fine. I will buy both anyway so no problem here. Matchbox has a long history of interesting police/fire cruisers including Camaro, Mustang and Corvette models but also Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes, Citroen and Lamborghini, so this fits right in. I'm still waiting for a Dubai police series from a toy car maker.

  6. I am suer the majority don't mind that there is a police version, as i do, i think that if there is a real car on police livery then a model is called for, it is the fact that the plastic lump on the roof takes away a great casting and focuses on the awfulness of that lump, especially as there is no colour to it, in fact it reminds me of old models that had this type of lump on the roof where a cover was fitted to it, by clicking it onto the top, rather than this being a police light bar.

  7. If ya don't like the light bar then sand it off and paint the roof
    Matchbox don't listen to us common folk they do what's easier and cheaper for them
    Hence the 4 part rule

  8. The reason why this Corvette is a police car? Because Hot Wheels, of course. They are given the exclusive on sport cars, and that is why this amazing Corvette casting gets relegated to be a silly emergency vehicle. Its such a waste!

    First, the “integrated” roof lights just don't work. And second, if you are doing the UAE emergency Corvette, go the full way, don't make it a generic! Tomica does the real Dubai Lamborghini, for instance. Why Mattel can't do that? If it is a license issue, I sometimes see Hot Wheels even pays tyre companies or other obscure licenses that I'm sure very few people care about.

  9. Different design philosophies. But also the HW models are designed to run through their speed sets and the mirror can mess that up. Do you wan the mirrors removed from the MB?

  10. I am glad they do the same models. I am a MB collector first. I think that when the 2 brands over the decades have made the same model, the MB wins out almost all the time. But the same model mantra you speak of was form years ago and has not been in place for the last several years. I am not disagreeing about adding the models above. I think a Jag XJ could look great. Especially if done MB correct and toss out the 4 part rule. I think we will likely see a Tesla X in the near future. But I also think the mB range needs these iconic cars like the Corvette, Camaro, Mustang, Porsche 911 and add in Ferrari if they ever come back to Mattel. They sell models. More than the Questor or any other alliteration named model they come up with.

  11. Have to say love the Handle @LedZeppelin67 I get the new LED set up but this design with the built in lightbar is not great in any model imo. They can still have the LED look without molding the lightbar into the windshield. All the trucks I drive had LEDs the bar is very thin they could easily go back to the old design which I'm sure most collectors would agree with.

  12. @Trenr Riley I strongly disagree I do think MBX team dose read the posts here. I have seen it first hand I believe the strong new lead towards licensed models was a direct result from what has been brought up right here on lamley(thanks guys). I encourage everyone to speak their minds here cause they are reading. I support lamley everywhere I talk or share my hobby anyone can find me on Instagram just search phillywheels currently in the process of posting my collection there feel free to give me a follow and find many more collectors and customizers. Lamley has showed me there are millions of guys and girls just like me (thanks again guys) and I know longer feel like I'm crazy!lol

  13. Yes 100% agree with both points. With Mattel owning both brands your going to have that no way around it!
    The lightbar is the biggest complaint and it is a simple fix! Hot Wheels did an ok job on the Chevy Tahoe emergency version bit it would have been much much better with the lightbar being the Old MBX design!

  14. Awesome!, thank you Jeff now I have an answer. I never thought of that but I guess that goes with the reasoning behind the up sloped chin as well, its all about performance. I prefer the mirrors on the casting better though.

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