Matchbox Power Grabs bring the box back to Matchbox…

Matchbox Power Grabs on eBay

There was the “Last Golden Age” of Matchbox, but before that was the straight-up “Golden Age” of Matchbox.  And with what Matchbox just introduced, it is becoming more and more apparent that we are entering the “Next Golden Age” of Matchbox.

To us here at Lamley, it is all about the models themselves.  No matter how the model comes packaged, I want it roaming free.  Sure, the packaging sometimes grabs my attention, like the Hot Wheels RLC Gasser, but normally it just ends up in the trash can.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the packaging.  And when you talk “Golden Age of Matchbox”, a lot has to do with the packaging.  Matchbox is called Matchbox because they produced cars that fit in actual matchboxes, and that is how Matchbox was packaged, in matchbox-sized boxes.  And over time those boxes became works of art:

Moving into the 80’s and 90’s this individual box art disappeared, but it was still a joy to go to the toyshop and check out all the boxes behind the glass counter and pick out a model for Dad to buy for you.  Yes, I am old enough to remember that.

So count me among the many throwback Matchbox collectors who are ecstatic about the new Power Grabs for 2016.  Last year the Power Grabs were a small assortment of models in bags, similar to Hot Wheels Mystery models, but now they take their best and true form: as individual boxes with individual art:

The boxes will come with a model, and you will be able to find these at hobby stores and on the shelf of your favorite store.  I believe the model comes in a bag in the box, and the box is wrapped.  Hobby Dealer Midwest Diecast Miniatures has them in their Fireside Gifts store, and was nice enough to let us use his photos.

And another thing that makes these great?  The entire 2016 basic line will come as Power Grabs.  That means you can buy them on the blister, or in the box, or both if you are inclined.  (I might be.)

So not only are the model choices and execution getting better and better, but little throwback details like this make collecting Matchbox fun again.  This is just too cool.

As soon as I get my hands on these I will do a full feature.  In the meantime, you can find them on ebay:

Matchbox Power Grabs

19 Replies to “Matchbox Power Grabs bring the box back to Matchbox…”

  1. Boxes are cool but it's all about realism for me! To be perfectly honest these would be great if they were sold one way or the other, them selling both as boxed and blistered seems like a marketing ploy to sell more. Wish they would work on the other problems they have before working on what seems like milking the collector. I love MBX and keep collecting but the boxes will more than likely get passed over because I will never see the entire set or because I started with the blisters. MBX should work on getting distribution where it needs to be and how about getting Mercedes-Benz back? They did them great and here we have not one lines but two lines essentially but they thought a hologram was too much to put on a package!Sometimes it irks the hell out of me when Mattel thinks of the consumer as nieve and dumb! I hate that word but thats how I feel when it looks like their trying to dupe or fleece us! I'd prefer the box no doubt but release it one way or the other. I'd love to be able to collect both but listen it goes from spending $100 to $200 for packaging! Have to admit I'm a little disappointed that lamely don't acknowledge this. Maybe I'm wrong but I'm sure others may be thinking what I am. If they are now targetting the collector that is great but with both these segments coming out at different times it leaves the collector with a choice to make if money is an issue. I have backed the whole new way MBX is moving but this is a bit disappointing. I don't want to sound like the people that seem to complain about what they do because I am truly supporting them so if I'm missing something here please set me straight!

  2. I will be getting the Jeep in addition to the licensed models.

    To me, boxes should be offered with mainlines much like Tomica. It seems with the “bag in box” that the Tomica boxes were some inspiration. In fact, the main reason I even collect Tomica is that they're so much like Matchbox used to be before the cheapening began.

  3. John I think you are way overthinking this. Because they release the boxes doesn't mean they aren't working on other issues. And of course they are doing this to attract more buyers. Why wouldn't they? You don't have to buy both unless you want to. I think this is a fantastic move.

    Thanks for your comments as always…

  4. I too remember going to the hobby store and picking a car out of the case and the clerk handing me a box from behind the counter with my new car in it. I still have the Londoner Bus I purchased this way. I think it's a great idea and I can't wait to find a couple of these. Thanks for letting us know to be on the lookout for these.

  5. I hope that's why the Targets near me have stopped carrying single blister cards of Matchbox. I've seen a couple of Targets in the last year that don't carry any Matchbox single cars. If this allows them to return by using shelf space instead of pegs, then I'm all for that.

    Actually, I'm all for this even if it is in addition to the single blister packs. This just looks cool!

  6. Perhaps this helps to overcome some distribution problems … boxes will sell at places the blisters wouldnt have been offered … at small shops but also near the cashiers. And the artwort is nice!

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