January 2016 Matchbox Ambassador Report, by Dirk Schleuer…

Matchbox Ambassador Dirk Schleuer is back with his first report of 2016.  Every Ambassador does things a bit different, and Dirk sends them out in .pdf format from his Moyshop website.  You will find the link below.  Look for a review of what Matchbox has previewed so far this year, plus the models that collectors have wanted to see made, compiled by Ambassador #10 Larry Scaduto.  Enjoy…

Thanks Dirk!

First report in 2016!

I hope you all had a good start into 2016 and may it become a lucky and wealthy year with lots of fun around the best hobby in the world!

This report will show you:

1.) some leaks the design team did on Instagram – make sure you follow the guys using “matchboxworld”!
2.) how to register to the 14th Matchbox Gathering of friends at Albuquerque New Mexico from 17.-19. july 2016
3.) The boxes are back again!
4.) Models we would love to see – article from Larry – which covers this part of our hobby now – Thanx.

We are waiting for the answer of 20+ questions we did ask but the team is busy with the toy fairs to come … so we will add that chapter to the next report!

You can find the report here:

9 Replies to “January 2016 Matchbox Ambassador Report, by Dirk Schleuer…”

  1. I have a question that probably 99.9% of us all have. Why are matchboxes so hard to get? It is extremely frustrating. Who cares about new models and boxes if you can't even find them in stores?

  2. Because Mattel has in the past not bothered with Europe, this however might change, however, from conversations i have had with stores and hobby shops, due to teh fact they require a vast amount of money spent on models per annum, your local toy shop will not be selling Matchbox anytime soon. Bigger stores might, but with a number of them removing Matchbox, like Asda, who have, ATM, no plans to alter the Toy display, singles of HW and MBX are missing and will remain so, hopefully Morrisons and Poundland will carry on otherwise it will be a very poor state in the UK.

  3. Actually where I reside (Fredericton,New Brunswick,Canada) the department stores that feature Matchbox products became replenished with some up to date Matchbox vehicles back in December and much to my surprise they were selling a locomotive and the Mad Marauder which are or is said to be 2016 products,also,I did purchase some up to date Matchbox vehicles from eBay,that orange colored Range Rover or Land Rover seems appealing that I saw in this article which I hope to one day purchase and finally I'm sorry about your frustration and I hope retailers in your country or hometown will start becoming replenished with up to date Matchbox vehicles.Good luck.

  4. Mattel get back Mercedes-Benz and Hot Wheels will get first dibs on it which would be a shame! Mattel should give MBX freedom to go after whatever licensing marketing they want but they will not because HW is their flagship. Kind of like GM taking the Firebird design and making it a Camaro for the Chevy brand because Chevy was the flagship. No big deal imo as long as MBX keeps getting creative and design control over their versions. What worries me is if MBX starts to get more attention Mattel pulls support. This would be a mistake because competition creates sales! Imo Mattel has It's thumb on MBX and HW will always come first!

  5. Wow! Its so nice to see the Ambassador report back! Some stunning models in the sneak peaks. My favourite has to be the Volvo V60.

    As for the 'Models we would love to see made' its good to see that returning too! I'm glad that we can now add Mercedes to the list. I will literally fall off my chair if Matchbox makes an SLS AMG or an AMG GT S Edition 1 (complete with the carbon bits and rear wing).

    Larry, if you are reading this, expect a dozen more cars from me in the coming days.

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