Just Announced: Honda Odyssey, Mazda Miata, and another Lamborghini coming to Hot Wheels in 2016…

Hot Wheels just updated their 2016 Checklist, and a few more blank spaces were filled in.

Of course there is an abundance of “Bone Speeder” and “Blaid Raider” types, those original names signifying more designer creations, but there were also a few to get the car nuts a little more riled up. We already knew the 2017 Acura NSX was on its way, but there were four other licensed models included.

The Beatles Yellow Submarine is one, and that should be interesting, but the other three licensed model additions are definitely significant.

It starts with the Mazda Miata MX-5.  The new Miata has caused quite a stir in the car world, so it is no surprise it is getting a lot of attention in the diecast world as well.  Matchbox has already unveiled its version of the latest generation Miata, as stock as stock gets with Matchbox, and Hot Wheels has one coming as well.  I have no idea what this one will look like, but my hunch is it will be a racing version.  Hopefully the entrants from both Mattel brands will compliment each other well.

Second is the Lamborghini Huracán LP 620-2 Super Trofeo, a racing version of the Huracán.  Not a surprise, but good news nonetheless.

Lastly, and easily the most intriguing, is the 2014 Honda Odyssey.  The class of soccer-mom machines gets the Hot Wheels treatment, and for me it tops the list of 2016 HW models I am most curious about.  Will it have the Vankulture treatment?  Will it be stock or stock-like?

My preference would be a Vankulture-inspired creation instead of something so race-modified that it doesn’t look like the actual car.  I have no idea, but considering a certain Hot Wheels designer known for creating his own cars in small scale has been seen on IG peddling around in a Honda family-wagon, it is certain to be a winner.  Let the buzz begin…

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  1. Plant a big red flag on that racing Huracan, people. The Renault R.S.01 may be saved, but maybe not this one? Although this may be the exotic-based racer that gets the new splitter adjuster system that appeared on the 2005 'Stang.

    Check the series that the cars are listed in, whether they're Exotics, Mild to Wild, Nightburnerz, Digital Circuit. It should tell a lot about how the car will most probably look like.

  2. It may be the first modern licensed racer to get the same setup as the SEMA Mustang that got featured here. I surmise that the splitter adjuster will be even more perfect for the Super Trofeo, as the front end is just one single hole.

  3. Should purchase the Hot Wheels brand Honda Odyssey (if it ever becomes manufactured)whether it's sold at some store or sold on eBay but evidently it will be cheaper to purchase at a store as opposed to on-line.

  4. The Miata will also be done by Tomica. Mazda fans will be really well served! The Honda might came out as the Dodge Caravan was once done by Hot Wheels, sporty but still recognizable.

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