Instagram Gold: Matchbox unveils the brand new Mazda Miata, teases the upcoming Volvo V60…

There have been a few comments about the lack of Ambassador Reports, and I am sure something will be said about that soon.  But as our Ambassador Dirk has said, things are changing, and changing quickly.

Updates might not be on an official schedule, but they are coming faster than ever, and the Matchbox Team is more forthcoming than ever, just on Instagram at their @matchboxworld account.

Instagram has become the place to see Matchbox sneaks, as well as a place to interact with the team.  They pay attention to the comments and questions, and if they can offer any info, they will.

Case in point, two new 2016 models have been unveiled.  The Team unveiled the new 2016 Mazda Miata in its finished form, as well as an E.P. of the upcoming Volvo V60 Wagon:

Besides these, there is another 2016 model tease that you check on the Matchbox feed.  Both look fantastic, although we don’t know the final color and wheels on the Volvo.  2016 is shaping up nicely…

12 Replies to “Instagram Gold: Matchbox unveils the brand new Mazda Miata, teases the upcoming Volvo V60…”

  1. I hope the wheels on the MX-5 are changed because the tri-spoke don't work at all. Either the 10sp or 5sp.

    on the other hand, the Volvo looks absolutely fantastic! Great stance and details. I sincerely request Matchbox (are you reading this?) to not put any stupid roof racks on it. It ruins the looks. The current state is the best! Well done Mbx!

  2. Well you can please some of the people but you'll never please everyone. They are licensed models I will take these 100%! Perfect no, they are going in the right direction nice job MBX keep up the good work

  3. It's not as if the Mazda Miata die cast vehicle appears ugly looking in my opinion so having mentioned that it still be nice to purchase it and also what is the “word” on the Matchbox brand 2015 Chrysler 300 or 300C? Anyone know?

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