The Auto World 1969 Chevy Kingswood Estate: The new Lamley title page holder…

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The list grows by one:

  1. Aoshima Yonmeri Skyline
  2. Tomica Limited Vintage Porsche 912
  3. Kyosho Beads Tokyo Motor Show Kenmeri Skyline 
  4. Kyosho BMW M6
  5. Auto World ’69 Chevy Kingswood Estate
I guess we can say if this was the lineup for a drag race, the final entry would probably be the final finisher.  But this is the list of the models that have graced the title page of the Lamley Blog since the beginning.   
It isn’t a lot, but I like the lineup.  And after two Japanese classics and two German icons, it is time to go American.  And for me, that means bypassing the muscle and going straight to the land yachts.  I like a lot of American cars, but I think it has become clear that I have a thing for classic American wagons and pickups.  
The difference between the classic American wagons and pickups is that I grew up in the wagons.  I was one of six kids in the 70’s and 80’s, so wood-paneled wagons were a mainstay.  My first car was the ’84 Grand Marquis Wagon my mother drove for awhile, and I loved that car.  To this day I count my lucky stars that I grew up in the era of wagons and not mini vans.  Wagons kill mini vans.
So any replica of a land yacht wagon is going to get my attention, and in the world of premium 1:64 diecast, nothing beats Auto World’s Kingswood.  It took a couple of years, but I finally have all four colors (minus the chase models), and the black is one of the latest along with the tan version.  I absolutely love this model, form its two tone coloring, to its roof rack, hubcaps, bench seats and detailed grill.  I didn’t grow up in a Kingswood – my father being the son of an owner of a Ford dealership was a big reason – but it is exactly like the type of wagon I did grow up in.  
I hope you readers can appreciate this model too.  I promise it looks great next to Porsches and Ferraris and Skylines.  I may not be as fast, but it is surely a super car if character was the gauge.
Kudos to Auto World for this model and the Land Yacht series.  Here’s hoping we see more…

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  1. Not exactly retooled as much as planned variations. Autoworld has designed most of their models with multiple bases, etc to give us multiple variations right from the start.

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