If you collect supercars, you might want a Kyosho Mclaren or thirteen…

Kyosho McLaren at Japan Booster

Hot Wheels are fun to collect, Kyosho are fun to display.

That is probably the basic rule, because once again, as I look at each of these brand new Kyosho McLarens, I cannot stop staring.  They are just fun to look at.  All the detail, the stance, the curves, the colors, the wheels.

So before I move on, I would exhort you to get one or all of these at Japan Booster, at this link:

Kyosho McLaren at Japan Booster

The reason I exhort you to do it now is because these are more limited than other Kyosho models.  A lottery system was used to get these in Japan.  You bought a ticket, an item was offered, and whoever had the ticket drawn got the item.  I try to explain it here in the latest Lamley “What’s in the Box?” video:

So we are lucky Japan Booster has these, and we can bypass what had to be a frustrating lottery.

Have a gander at these.  There isn’t much I can say.  McLaren has become the essence of super cars, and has definitely hit a peak with their latest offerings.  That is one of the reasons I am glad Kyosho did a McLaren set now, which includes the beautifully low-slung P1.  Just look at the pics.  Beauties indeed…

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  1. Sorry, it's actually out of topic, but Hot Wheels just updated their 2016 Mainline list on their official website. The new lists include some new cars like:

    2017 Acura NSX
    2015 Mazda Miata
    2014 Honda Odyssey
    Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo

  2. Sadly couldn't get the matte black set (sold out just as I hit the buy button) but have bought the box containing all 8 of the standard cars. Vet
    Ray much looking forward to them now!

  3. Wow. I wish I was in the position to get a set like this. Though unfair to compare $1 cars to these, Kyosho just gets supercars, does the proportions of them justice, unlike Hot Wheels, or even sometimes Matchbox.

    Mattel, take notes. Kyosho just took you back to Supercar U.

  4. John, your pictures have me drooling as always. And ever anxious to get my set. I have 9 on the way, the set of 8 regular cars plus the secret GT3 Presentation model. I try to avoid getting Kyosho's in black, as brighter colors show off the exceptional detail of these models better, but they do look nice and mean in matte black.

  5. Oh, and for anyone that's a fan of these, Colourful Model (formerly referred to as Kyosho OEM, the old Kyosho factory) is doing the P1. There will be 5 colors, with the first two being orange and yellow. Daboxtoys currently has both the orange and yellow.

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