The enormous January Sale at Wheel Collectors is on: Over 1000 Hot Wheels, Greenlight, and more up to 50% off…

There is absolutely no place to start when trying describing this.

So I will say this: Wheel Collectors just marked down over 1000 items in their store, most around 45% off, and many are supercool models.

Without trying to sound like a used car salesman, the crew at Wheel Collectors literally needs space.  They have the whole Milezone inventory to go through, and don’t have the space to do it, so they need to make room.

Hence, a Huge Sale in January.  On awesome stuff.  You can find all the sale items here:

January Sale at Wheel Collectors

Many of these models are below retail prices, and others are running at the lowest prices on eBay.  This is a great chance to stock up on models you may have missed.  Just take a look, and see what treasures you might find…

(Including Garage Batch J pictured above.  The set was released in limited numbers, and right now you can get it cheaper than you have for a very long time.)

Good luck!!

Some of the items that caught my attention:

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