Stock Hot Wheels Nissan 180SX, oh how we miss you…

It is standard fare for Hot Wheels, so I am not complaining…

It seems that the standard with Hot Wheels is to release a new model in a deco that is as close to stock as possible.  It doesn’t mean the casting itself represents a stock replica, but the deco will somehow pay homage to what the actual car looked like.

That New Model release is the little window that I like best with Hot Wheels.  If I go through my collection, the majority of models are First Editions, because they look most like the real thing.  Unless I am a completist with a particular casting, it is usually the first release and not much else.

Because of that I am always happy to see recolors of First Editions.  That means I get a few more versions than maybe I would normally collect.  There is also a new development with multipack exclusives extending those First Edition decos, but that is a discussion for another time (video coming!).

But sometimes, sadly, a lonely little model only gets one First Edition release, having only a brief moment to don its favorite outfit before emerging and re-emerging in a series of other outfits, from somewhat dapper to complete clown.

The last two years saw two of the best models of the year only get one color, mainly because they were released so late in the year.  The Porsche 934 Turbo in 2014, and the Nissan 180SX Type X in 2015.  Thankfully the Porsche continued into 2015 with two stock-like colors before moving to the tastily-done Falken Tire livery in 2016, but the 180SX is taking a different path.  The 2016 release is in a drift-inspired livery that isn’t bad, but isn’t nearly as nice as the 2015 version.

I wouldn’t mind this 2016 model at all if we had at least one more color in 2015.  Maybe a gunmetal grey with gold rims?  Or even better, olive green?  There are a lot of ways to go.  And I am holding out hope that this multipack recolor direction taken on so many models can be taken on the First Edition 180SX as well.

I like the 2016 livery.  Just not as much as last year’s.  Ultimately, after several releases, and you know the 180SX will get quite a few, we will have a nice variety.  I just hope we can return to a stock version soon…

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  1. I found the stock version just a few days ago while rummaging through the last few remnants of 2015 models in a supermarket. It was a good find, as there really wasn't much there of any note and I hadn't even seen one before.

    As an aside, I am in the UK and am finding that new models are pretty thin on the ground at the moment, in fact this has been the case for quite some time now. Is anyone else finding this, and if so does anyone have any thoughts?

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