Just Unveiled: 2016 Matchbox Corvette Police…

We have said it a hundred times, so here is one hundred and one:

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Another sneak dropped this week:

This is the first image of the brand new Corvette Stingray Police.  It will debut in a Fire Rescue livery, the first of many emergency themes.  The model looks fantastic, especially with the 5-spoke wheels.  I also wonder if the built in light bar means maybe a non-emergency version could emerge in the future.  
More images of this model are coming to Lamley, but for now hopefully this whets the appetite… 

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  1. I can see massive potential in this for the “Targa” conversion. Simply cut off the roof with a blade or something and viola! So even though Matchbox messed up the livery, they didn't mess up the casting.

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