A Tale of Two: The brand new Hot Wheels ’17 Ford Raptor & its Matchbox counterpart…

Let’s just get to it right out of the gate.  I am not going to title this Hot Wheels vs. Matchbox like I do with similar posts, because frankly the question “Who did it better?” isn’t relevant here.  Both are great.

2016 Batch E from Hot Wheels includes the brand new ’17 Ford F-150 Raptor, which will undoubtedly be a popular model, at least here in the US.  The Raptor continues to be a hit in general, and the 2017 version appears to take that “extreme truck” look even further.  With more exaggerated features, it looks as mean as a car named after a dinosaur should.

And it makes for a great Hot Wheels.  Sure, the Hot Wheels version is probably lifted a bit more, but other than that it a very accurate replica.  The casting itself is nicely detailed on both the front and back, and the new off-road wheels suit it very well.

And this is where I would compare it to the Matchbox, but as I said before, there is no need.  The Matchbox casting has been around for awhile, and like the Hot Wheels is a very accurate replica of the real thing.  Only now the Matchbox is a miniature version of a truck that is a few years old.  It of course has the stock look that Matchbox should always do, and even a playful tow hook on the rear.

So what we end up are two different, well-executed, and accurate replicas of Ford’s signature pickup. I only have this one version of the Matchbox, and I don’t anticipate getting more versions of the Hot Wheels replica after this one.  These two suit the collection just fine.

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  1. As much as i like them both, it has to be noted, that Mattel clearly stated that both brands would NOT copy each other, yet here we are again, there are so many models that they both do, why, it is a total waste of effort and money when they could do something else, and why make a statement like that only to ignore it 5 minutes later and have copy after copy.

  2. On Hot Wheels cars….the side mirrors are left off to make the car more booster / track set compatible. I think its a motif that has now been applied to most vehicles the blue brand produces.

  3. I'm trying to see how these are copies. The MBX is circa 2009/2010, and the HW is a 2017 (using the body style introduced for MY2015), and was restyled heavily. If anything, the HW Sandblaster is closer to a copy of the MBX, if a bit more cartoonish.

    It would have been interesting if the Maisto Raptor was included in this comparison.

  4. As noted, both brands have excellent representations that are unique enough to be enjoyed by collectors. It's not like how Mattel sells Matchbox Skybusters in Brazil where they use the same exact Skybusters model with Matchbox on the base but it has Hot Wheels branded packaging.

  5. As far as these being copies no their not. MBX and HW has alwats done the same models as far back as Lensey. I have no problem with as long as their not identical. I wish both brands would venture into castings that haven't been done. I don't know about most other collectors but I collect cars colors! jmo and a suggestion

  6. Actually, I'm glad that they don't put the mirrors on most models. Because even though the mirrors are more realistic, they're the first thing that the paint chips off of, and that sucks when you wanted to leave the car original. So I will gladly sacrifice a little realism there.

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