All 54 Hot Wheels Walmart Zamac exclusives, in all their unpainted glory…

The Zamac party continues…

When Hot Wheels 2016 Batch E hits Walmarts here in the next few days, it will mark the start of the fourth year of Walmart Zamac exclusives.  Once again, every other 2016 batch, starting with E, will contain three mainline models with no paint and different colored deco, if the model has deco at all, and they will only be found at Walmart.  Look for the Ford Fiesta in Heralda’s deco, the flamed Pontiac Firebird, and Corvette Stingray.

Since they were introduced 2013, I have been a huge fan of the Zamacs.  The unpainted look is perfect on Hot Wheels, and with very few exceptions the model selections are spot-on.  Some are Hot Wheels original castings, but most are licensed models, and they selections span all kinds of auto interests.  Old, new, classics, supercars, Japanese, German, Italian, Brazilian, muscle, gassers, trucks, hot rods, you name it.  Oh, and a shitload of Camaros.

We have had some casting repeats, some similar brands of vehicle types, some models that were Supers in the same year, and some First Editions or New Models.  Oh, and a shitload of Camaros.

I have even had a few favorites.  While the Skylines were great, I think these three take the cake:

And with 18 each year, the possibilities of more popular castings baring it all gets fun to speculate on.  Kool Kombi?  Datsun Wagon?  Urban Outlaw 356A?  Jun’s Z?  You never know.

Zamacs didn’t debut with the Walmart exclusives.  Special Zamac models have been around before.  I remember a Convention set from about 10-12 years ago that was hard to complete, and there was a special mainline set in 2004>, which starred the hot casting of the time, the ’69 Charger.  Hot Wheels, and Matchbox even, have released unpainted models since then as well, highlighted by the Speed Machines Ferrari 599XX:

But they have hit their peak with Walmart.  Before the Zamacs, Walmart exclusives were mostly mainline models in a different color than their standard releases.  The most famous of those would be the satin red Bugatti Veyron:

There were also basic models that sported different wheels, like redlines or BF Goodrich wheels.  These were fun to collect, but ultimately not much different than their mainline counterparts.  I am guessing most people had no idea they were looking at an exclusive when perusing the bins.

But the Zamacs are unique, and hard to ignore.  And at least for me, many times the Zamac is the best version of that casting that particular year.  So you can guess I am happy to see them again in 2016.

But before we get to the 2016 Zamacs in a few weeks, let’s look back at last three years of Zamacs.  Meaning let’s look at all 54 that have been released at Walmart since 2014.  It is an impressive list, with some very cool cars, some of which you might have forgotten about.  One way or the other, these are superfun to collect.  There are even a few variations, which we didn’t cover here.

There are two ways to see all 54.  There is a video I produced for the Lamley YouTube Channel below, and below that is a photo of all 54.  I have them in order of release – they are always released in groups of three – from oldest to newest.  I think you will enjoy looking at these.

And by the way, if you want to collect these, or fill in some gaps, Have fun perusing.


All 54:




23 Replies to “All 54 Hot Wheels Walmart Zamac exclusives, in all their unpainted glory…”

  1. Just some notes from the video:

    The convention zamacs mentioned were actually from the 1998 convention. There were about 20 cars done I think (might have been more), production of 500 each I believe. There was also a 4 pack from that convention. The 2004 zamacs were from Toys R Us only, and they were zamacs of some of the First Editions only. Only other mainline I can think of that was a zamac release was the Deuce Roadster FE from 2000.

    About the mixes, starting in 2010, the HW mainline went to 15 mixes a year. Starting with mix E and every other mix, they did 3 exclusive cars for Walmart. Mixes E, G, J, L, N and Q are the ones to receive Walmart exclusives since that year.

    First Edition/New Model zamacs: '68 Shelby GT500, Ferrari F12, Lamborghini Aventador J, 2014/2013 Camaro COPO.

    The normal releases of what were $THs that given year: Camaro HW Special Edition, '72 Ranchero, '70 Chevelle SS.

    The only Camaro to repeat is the 2013 COPO. The only other casting to actually repeat is the '69 Chevy truck.

    The ones you said were E case for 2015 were actually Q case (Surf Crate, Viper GTSR, Challenger Concept). The E case zamacs are the '68 El Camino, Lmaborghini and Shelby GT500 Super Snake.

    And that was a Twin Mill III, not II 😉

  2. OK, there were 25 zamacs from the 1998 convention carded, one in a baggie, and the 4 car set ('67 GTO, '32 Ford, '68 Mustang, Scorchin' Scooter).

  3. where did you find the info that suggested that the first 3 zamacs of 2016 where the Ford Fiesta in Heralda's deco, the flamed Pontiac Firebird, and Corvette Stingray? I have seen a pic of the ford fiesta zamac and would like to see the other but cant find any sources. Anyways, that sound like a awesome way to start the zamacs for 2016. cant wait for a 77 Pontiac Firebird!

  4. i actually have one too as an error. pretty unique. talking about errors ive got a couple of zamacs with simple paint errors, but my favorite being the Dodge Viper with the missing ACER tampo.

  5. There's a seller on eBay (from Texas) who gets carded vehicles early and had those 3 for sale. (they seem to have cases early)

    They also had the February Kmart cars.

  6. ah kool. whats the sellers name on ebay though? ive looked at past post where it mentions the ebay seller from texas, but when i click on the link the ebay page states that the ebay id dosent exists. so either she not on ebay anymore, or she just changed her id name.

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