Watch a diecast hunt live on Periscope, and other places to find the Lamley Group…

Five years ago, the main places to get your diecast fix were on various diecast forums, namely and a few others.  That is where collectors would report their finds, show their customs, and voice their opinions on all kinds of diecast topics.

Times have changed.  Blogs, YouTube, and ESPECIALLY social media have moved a lot of the diecast world to new platforms, and new communities have formed.  It is wonderful to watch.  Language barriers are dropping, and collectors from all over the globe are connecting.

I am always thankful for all the support for the Lamley Group.  I enjoy doing this, and I always appreciate the feedback.  The blog will always be the foundation of the Lamley Group, but I am always looking for new ways to bring you interesting content.

As you know, we launched the Lamley YouTube Channel a few weeks ago, and the response has been fantastic.  There are some big plans for the Channel, and I hope you will enjoy whats coming.  Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any content.

The same goes with other platforms.  Our Facebook Page is most closely associated with the blog, and will always to be first place to find new Lamley Blog content.  I also hope you are following the Lamley Instagram feed, which most of the time shows different content than the blog, like other models and new store finds.  As is the Custom has moved to the IG feed, and I just started doing exclusive First Looks there as well.  There are many new models or recolors that probably don’t merit a full post on the blog, but definitely need to be seen.  Now look for those #lamleyfirstlook posts on the Lamley IG feed.

So now you can find Lamley on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and even Pinterest (although my wife is still helping me understand how that works).

And now I want to try something new.  You can now watch some diecast hunts and other Lamley-related events LIVE on Periscope.  The Periscope app on your phone allows you to watch events live as they happen, and if I am in a store and start broadcasting, you can watch in real time to see if I find anything.  I think it might be fun to see what happens.  You can download the app for iPhone or Android, and make sure you look up and follow the Lamley Group.

Lots more to come.  Hope to see you on these various platforms.  Isn’t diecast collecting fun?

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