Why can Kyosho produce 1:64 Ferraris but Mattel cannot?

We are going to get our Ferrari on this week.

Over the holiday the brand new Ferrari Series 11 24-car set arrived from Japan Booster, and we will be featuring the set in three parts this week.

Part 1 is below, on the Lamley YouTube Channel.  I show the set and explain the clever loophole that Kyosho uses to be able to produce 1:64 scale diecast models, while other entities like Mattel cannot.

Soon Part 2 will be up soon, and Part 3 will be a full photo feature here on the blog.  In the meantime you can find the Kyosho Ferrari models at Japan Booster:

Kyosho at Japan Booster


5 Replies to “Why can Kyosho produce 1:64 Ferraris but Mattel cannot?”

  1. I had thought the model kit loophole had been closed. Nice to see not though I am still disappointed in Kyosho direction in releasing new product. Now given the model kit loophole how did Schuco release their 458 Italia?

  2. I don't know the situation with Schuco specifically, but, if they were manufactured prior to the start of 2015, they're grandfathered (which is how Hot Wheels still had some “new” Ferrari releases in the mainlines in the early part of 2015).

    Also, I strongly suspect that some of the ultra high-end collectible companies like BBR that still manufacture models within Europe and which sell for hundreds a piece have pre-existing licensing arrangements with Ferrari that weren't affected by the May Cheong deal.

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