Kyosho Ferraris, Part 2: Building a Kyosho Ferrari "Model Kit"…

The Ferrari fun continues…

In Part 1 of our Kyosho Ferrari coverage, I explained why Kyosho can still make 1:64 scale Ferraris, even though the exclusive license is with Maisto.  It is because Kyosho releases them only half-assembled, technically making them “model kits”.

It is an ingenious idea, and something they did while Mattel had the license as well.  That means we have already had 11 Ferrari Series from Kyosho, and more are bound to come.  Plus, who doesn’t like putting a model together, even if it takes 3 minutes?

So in Part 2 of our coverage, I put one of these together.  And I figured the 488 GTB was as good as any.  Prepare to be amazed at my Kyosho model-completing prowess.  I am still putting the others together, and as soon as I do, Part 3 will be here on the blog – a full photo collection of every model.  Look for that later in the week.

For now, enjoy Part 2:

(And remember, these models are available at Japan Booster.  If the model, or set, you want is not there now, keep checking back.  They have more to list.)

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  1. Ironically, the current Ferrari rights holder, May Cheong (Maisto/Bburago), did the exact same thing a decade ago (to get around Mattel's license) with the Maisto “Assembly Line” series.

    I mainly collected their Assembly Line Ferraris in 1/24 scale, and I have a few in ~1/39 scale, plus Bburago Assembly Line Ferraris in 1/43 scale, but here's an album of photos I took just now of the three 1/64 scale Maisto Assembly Line Ferraris that I bought and assembled in 2006, which include a Enzo Ferrari, a Ferrari 250 GTO, and a Ferrari Testarossa, all in yellow because yellow was the only colour I remember finding in that scale.

    As you can tell, the quality of the models are a little below Kyosho's, but I think they only cost about $3 at most. I don't think Maisto kept up the 1/64 Assembly Line as long as they have the 1/24 series, I don't remember seeing them after 2006 but I believe Maisto still puts out new Assembly Line kits in 1/24 scale.

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