The brand new Kyosho McLaren Series is available at Japan Booster…

Just got word from Japan Booster that the brand new McLaren Series from Kyosho is now available.

The set looks amazing, and these will sell fast (they are already are), so keep checking back.  You can find them here:

Kyosho McLaren at Japan Booster

These models are beautiful, as is to be expected, and will be highly sought-after.  Kyosho is trying something new at retail in Japan, using a lottery system to acquire the individual cars, the special 4-car set, and a 1:18 scale Lamborghini Veneno.  What this means in terms of supply we have no idea, but finding them on eBay is the way to go for collectors outside of Japan.  You can see pics of the models and get more details on the lottery at 829 Japan.

Seems best to go through Japan Booster…

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  1. They sold out so fast. Could only get my hands on two (the 12C GT3 and the 650S) and the P1 was already gone. Hopefully they will get their hands on more soon.
    829 Japan doesn't seem to be very happy about the new lottery system though.

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