2016 is looking good for both Hot Wheels and Matchbox…

We already know 2016 should be a great year from both brands, with talk of stock Skylines and vintage BMW’s and Ford GT’s and Mazda Miatas and on and on.  There is already a lot to look forward to, and I am sure a couple of surprises are in store as well.

But now with Matchbox entrenched in 2016, and Hot Wheels seemingly halfway through already, it is truly on.  And it is apparent with what Wheel Collectors just sent me.

Just before Christmas Hot Wheels Batch E and Matchbox Batch B arrived, and Wheel Collectors was nice enough to send the highlights to me while I was on a little holiday vacation.  I had a minute to open the box and posted the video to the Lamley YouTube Channel.

You can see it all on the video, and I will surely feature these on the blog later in the week.  But between the new Matchbox for 2016 and the absolutely loaded Batch E from Hot Wheels, you can see there is almost too much to feature.

Check out the video and let me know what models you want to see first.  It will be hard to choose.

And as always, both batches, and the Greenlight featured as well, are available right now at Wheel Collectors.



11 thoughts on “2016 is looking good for both Hot Wheels and Matchbox…

  1. Gotta love that MB Freightliner fire truck! It's a beauty.
    Maisto also made a Raptor in 1:64. It's a nice piece worthy of a good comparo with both, the MB and the new HW.
    Great haul!

  2. Those wheels on the Porsche 993 GT2 are terrible, as bad as the wheels on the (black) Mitsubishi Lancer Super from 2015 line… a metallic rim would have been heaps better.

  3. Jordan these are not taking the place of the photo case reports. This is an additional feature unique to the YouTube channel. This was not a case, but rather a package of models sent to me. In the past I just opened the package and photographed the models. Now I am adding the video and will continue to feature the models. The actual photo case reports will continue.

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