Happy Holidays from the Lamley Group…

May your hunts always be full of treasure and your pegs devoid of warmers, from all of us at the Lamley Group.

jtl, DT, M&M, Akiyo-san, Mary, Alpha, Janie, Edith, Jay, Doug, doomus, Chad, Michelle, Ethan, Joe, Brian, Caroline, Mike, Claire, Cannon, Tony, Robert, Codyman, Abe, JVS, Dirk, Larry, Sammy, Ace/Omar, Jason, the Pimp, Melvin, Luke, Chris, Seth, UMFA Docents, the Bitches, and those inspiring Utah roads that make me love cars both large and small even more…

7 Replies to “Happy Holidays from the Lamley Group…”

  1. John, Merry Christmas and all the best to you and your family! Thank you for another year of keeping us up to date, entertained and inspired every single day! Wishing you a few blog-free days (not too many please :-)) and a good start into 2016!

    All the best, Chris

  2. Happy Holidays guys thanks for all the useful info you provide all of us with year in and year out for the greatest hobby in the world! May your new year be plentiful and full. Bring on the best year to come MBX and HWs may your designs drive us nuts with anticipation and the pegs fulled often.

  3. Feliz Natal Grande Amigo um grande abraco! Thanks for your friendship and for your kindness throughout the year and especially in our time of need!

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