It is so nice to have Alfa Romeo back in the Matchbox line, especially after the Giulia Sprint fiasco…

Matchbox Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint

I say Alfa Romeo, you think red.  That is just how it is.  But that doesn’t mean that can’t look nice in gunmetal gray.  The 2015 version of the 4C is out, and is one good-looking Italian.  And between the new color and the signature red released last year, we are off to a great start.

But oh Alfa Romeo and their colors.  The 4C should be complimented every year with the Giulia Sprint GTA, which was released by Matchbox in 2007.  The model was super popular, but it only two years.  We have not seen it since 2008.

So why not?  Well, I explain it here:

Maybe one day we will see it again, maybe in a slightly different form to allow for more colors.  In the meantime, at least we have the spectacular 4C…

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24 Replies to “It is so nice to have Alfa Romeo back in the Matchbox line, especially after the Giulia Sprint fiasco…”

  1. Nice story John. The video explains this very well. I think if you would have written out the explanation it wouldn't have come across as well. It was sort of a running joke between some of us collectors that Matchbox was given permission to paint the Alfa in any color as long as it was red or white!!! I did see a prepro of the Giulia in metallic green and I also heard that a number of these were made before production was stopped and that these models were later resprayed white and put into production. Don't know how true this is, but this is what I heard….. so there might be a few Alfas out there with a slight green undertone! I personally think they were destroyed, but you never know…..

  2. If there's an Alfa i need them to do is the Brera, that thing may not be fast, but it certainly is beautiful, well, that and the new Giulia Qv, could you please suggest them to do the Brera?
    Great video BTW

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  4. As the owner of the real version of this GTV, I was excited when the model was announced years ago. And, massively disappointed when the model was released. That damn chrome interior ruined an otherwise near-perfect little casting. It was claimed they did this so we could get chrome bumpers. Those bumpers would have been just fine with a pass of silver from the tampo machine. Instead, a huge part of the model was spoiled for two thin strips front and back.

  5. The Grey version is miles better! The proportions pop out better, the colour shines and the whole thing just looks perfect. I know Alfas are supposed to be Red, like Ferraris, but not this time. Well done Matchbox with the Grey recolour!

    Also, great video! I really like your voice. And your talking style. You do audi reviews just as nicely as your blog. So keep it up!

  6. C'mon Stephen, it's a $1 toy car! The fact that it had such fine detail and high paint quality is amazing! If you want a more faithful reproduction of your car then step up to 1/43 scale, or take matters into your own hands; drill the rivets out and paint the interior any color you wish.

  7. Matchbox should raise the cost enough so Alfa fans like me don't have to suffer from those awful cost-cutting decisions. Yeah, it's buck, but it should be a 1.50 and no excuses.

  8. I really want to see some more classic Alfas, like a Giulietta Spider, Tipo 33 Stradale, Montreal, or TZ2. There's dozens of different coachbuilt cars and racing specials that would look good, too.

  9. This is my personal Model of the Year because it:

    1. marked the return of Alfa Romeo to Matchbox.
    2. is a very, very sexy automobile.

    The grey is beautiful, along with the red! I like the colors for each mood; the red for spiciness, and the grey for more subtlety and elegance. I find both colors to be very fitting.

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  11. That is why it is important to read the contracts well before signing! 😉 I'm glad Alfa Romeo is so protective of its heritage! I think Matchbox should release a white and a red version alternatively every year, I don't think most kids have been collecting for so many years as to already have this model! And for the future, only license cars issued on more than two colours, of course! The basic Giulia would have made a perfect choice, with no issues,

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