The new Matchbox Range Rover Evoque looks great…

Matchbox unveiled the brand new, and long-awaited, Range Rover Evoque on their @matchboxworld Instagram feed the other day, and it looks great.

The choice of orange is a great one, especially with the dark wheels, and is bound to be a hit.  Oh, and if you think full close-ups are coming to Lamley soon, you are right.  Stay tuned…

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  1. Who cares its not like you can find the good matchbox in the stores 6 cars on two pegs waste of time trying to find them. Wish i could get the good ones sent to me like you

  2. I manage to get them too, try asking people, go onto matchbox pages on Facebook, and if you ask nicely and you pay promptly, you will get a good reputation and will be able to get all you need, i have built up a group of a few people that get me all i need, it takes time, and no one will do it for you, you have to put in the time and effort to get out what you want…

    NOW, back to the post, it is about time this model arrived, it has been too long and is now actually out of ate, as the current Evoque has a new bumper set up at the front, so this is the MK I, whilst in reality we are on MK I.5… but saying that i cant wait to get hold of it, i have just been sent the new Jaguar F-Type in Black, and it looks way superior to any of the pictures i have seen.

  3. About time. And I say that with the highest respect. It looks like they got it right. With the plastic roof I bet it is light. I think I would like it a little better if that orange was metallic.

  4. Finally glad to see it after being delayed so long. The Majorette version features better construction and quality, and an opening liftgate, but here in the US, finding one is pretty much impossible, but I'll settle for this. For a $1 Matchbox, I can see no problem with it at all, except for availability.

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