My Matchbox secret: the German store MOYSHOP…

Just got another parcel from Germany, and I thought it is probably time to unveil where I got them.

I have been using MOYSHOP in Germany to stock up on hard-to-find short card Matchbox and other Euro-centric lines like Stars of Germany and Stars of Cars.  I have to maneuver through the German site, but once you get the hang of it, there is a lot of good stuff to be found.

The owner of the shop is Dirk Schleuer, our current Matchbox Ambassador, and the gentleman who commissioned the popular MBX BMW 1M in racing livery from last year.  Great dude, great shop, great models.

This last parcel was small, but fantastic:

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  1. John, you're killing me. First you divulge the secret stash of the PLANO cases and now you let everyone know about Dirk's shop. What's next?

    Seriously Dirk's shop has a great assortment of models. I have used him for years for all things European and Matchbox.

    As for E430, it was released in 2 similar marking in the 2 similar series. The First Release in Stars of Germany is silver with green side tampo and flower wheels. The Second was a few years later. It had a hood tampo, was a little different shade of silver and had the small 6 spoke wheels. One of the great castings as many came with the metal base plus it had an actual grille on the front.

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