The Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo: Tomica Limited Vintage goes super Neo…

Find the TLV Nissan 2020 Vision at Japan Booster

What do you think of the Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo?  Long name to be sure, and beyond that it is hard to say.

If you don’t know the story, the 2020 Vision was developed by a team of Nissan designers for the Gran Turismo video game, and based it on what they think is the future of the GT-R.  If I remember correctly, that is where it was supposed to end, but Nissan saw it as a viable design and built two 3D versions of the Vision that have been shown at car shows.  Whether or not this is a ballpark rendering of a future Nissan GT-R remains to be seen.

For me, I don’t know what to think of it.  There are some design queues I love, including the signature double tail lights that seem to be floating, but there are some others that make the car look a little…heavy.  But it does generate some excitement no matter what it looks like.

But who cares what I think.  I am the toy car guy, and the only reason I am writing about this one is because Tomica Limited Vintage just released two versions themselves.

And I had an absolute blast photographing both of them.

What do you do when you have made up your mind about a real car, and then get the replica and a soft spot starts forming?  Maybe I just like the replicas.  Or maybe I am such a TLV homer that anything they produce I will like.  Whatever it is, these are fantastic, and damn they look good in the Lamley studio.  I think I might be changing my mind.  What do you think?

Tomica Limited Vintage continues its plunge into contemporary cars, and I am still excited about it.  For now it adds variety to the line, and nobody comes close to what TLV can do in 1:64, so it is most welcome.  If the line gets dominated by new stuff, however, my opinion might change.  There is just too many vintage cars to move away from.  Considering the only contemporary cars are the Nissan GT-R, IDX, and 2020 Vision, I am not worried.  Plus, check out the vintage goodness that came with the Vision in the December batch:

As always, TLV wins.  Best 1:64 carmaker with no one even close…

(Find the TLV Nissan 2020 Vision at Japan Booster…)

9 Replies to “The Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo: Tomica Limited Vintage goes super Neo…”

  1. I love the casting, but they could choose a better paintjob for both.
    The red one should use a metallic or satin red instead of gloss and the gray one should have smaller grains in the paint…

  2. I love it! I just got my grey one in the mail and this thing is a work of art in the diecast world. The real car has many strange things going on, and I wouldn't really call it a good looking car. But that's entirely the point, concepts should be a blank slate for designers to dream up whatever they think without constraints. With a little tweaking I could see many elements carrying over into a future GTR, and many elements could carry over to make a really good looking car. The front is a little long. Looking at it straight from the back though, that is clearly this car's best angle. The taillights, the nicely sculpted wing, the way the roof carries over above the dual humps (very similar to the Porsche 918). From the back it's a perfect blend of the new Ford GT and Porsche 918. So here is to the designer's for keeping the imagination going, and here is to TLV for being willing to recreate it for everyone in 1/64.

  3. The casting is very impressive. I'd be interested based purely on the fact that I used to play Gran Turismo and this has a novelty factor to it, but I don't like the price point I've seen. Now if they do some of the other VGT cars like the bonkers Chaparral 2X or the SRT Tomahawk, I might have to break down and get an example.

  4. I am a TLV-fanboy, but man, I can't stand the metallic flake things either. I've actually read an article where they say that they take great care in reproducing the paint job in 1/64 scale, but in my opinion, they come out really nasty & grainy to me. I have Nissan GT-Rs(both gray) with same issue.

    I think I'd be down with red?(I won't have mine for few more weeks), but their paint with metallic stuff in it, can't stand them.

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