2015 Lamley Awards: The Readers Choice Results…

Welcome to the 2015 Lamley Awards Results Show…

I will spare you an actual Results Show on the Lamley YouTube Channel, as you have probably had enough of that after watching the clip a thousand times of Steve Harvey turning the Miss Universe pageant into a dumpster fire over the weekend.

Thankfully the Results Post is all we do, and can make sure all the results are accurate before I post this.

To give you a reminder, at the end of each year we ask our readers to vote on several categories, all related to the basic Mattel brands.  From Best and Worst Super TH to Best New Matchbox to Model of the Year.  And there were more votes this year – about ten thousand – than any other previous year.  That is awesome.

So we are going to do this in two parts.  Today, the Readers Choice results.  We will post the winners and runners-up in each category, as voted by the Lamley Readers.  We will refrain from any comments, and just let the results tell the story.

Part Two will come later this week, when we will unveil our choices in each category, and compare them to the Readers’ selections.  Should be fun.

So, without further ado, your choices.  Remember, these are voted on by you, the reader:

Best Super Treasure Hunt of 2015:

1. Ferrari 599XX
2. ’69 Ford Mustang Boss 302
3. Kool Kombi

Worst Super Treasure Hunt of 2015:


Best Hot Wheels New Licensed Model of 2015:

1. Nissan 180SX Type X
2. 1970 Ford Escort RS1600
3. McLaren P1

Most Disappointing New Licensed Model of 2015:

1. Corvette C7.R
2. Aston Martin Vantage GT3

Best Matchbox Licensed New Model in 2015:
1. Tesla Model S
2. Alfa Romeo 4C

And lastly…
2015 Hot Wheels Model of the Year:
1. Nissan 180SX Type X New Model
2. Toyota Off-Road Super TH
3. RLC ’55 Chevy Bel Air “Candy Striper” Gasser

So, do you agree with what you and your fellow readers decided on?  How close will these be to the Lamley selections?  Stay tuned to see very soon.
Thanks, as always, to everyone who participated…

19 Replies to “2015 Lamley Awards: The Readers Choice Results…”

  1. *sees the 180SX won*
    Fuck this shit, I'm going to Namibia.
    One thing I'm certain, though: that 4C stayed sexy. Like, it STAYED sexy. It's still gorgeous even after a year or two since its 1:1 debut, and it shows in this cast.

    But the recolor's gonna take that sexiness up a notch.


    What a great way to send off Ferrari than to give the best $TH Award to one of its most shining recreation of its XX-program cars.


    Customizers, I have a Q: barring throwing them away (why haven't I gotten the Aston and C7.R, anyway? Now that you've burned it one last time, you should throw it away!), what's a good fix for the front end using household plastic material (shampoo bottles or something)?


    2016 is starting well, and if intel from T-hunted is right, that race Renault wouldn't meet the same fate as the C7.R, which is good. The Porsche 991 GT3 RS and New Ford GT is still up in the air, but you know how stringent Porsche is when it comes to likeness.


  2. It's a shame the Rrroadster gets the bad rap it has. It is one of the nicer HW originals of the last few years (though there is a clear inspiration for it, at least it's clear to me).

  3. Out of all the new realises coming, I am seriously looking forward to the Jaguar F-Type from MBX, I HAVE ONE ON THE WAY, THANK YOU, Rangeroversportp6, I can't wait…. Then the Evoque followed by the new Jeeps

  4. Something that I have not understood is why that Hot Wheels doesn't produce two different models for some things, like Matchbox keeps old versions of castings for premium releases, and cheapened versions for regular releases. There could be a version without the dreaded upsloped chin for premium lines, and a track-friendly version with it for mainline releases.

  5. Giving a “worst” rating to the RRRoadster is kinda unfair. Didn't think about it until it got selected. I thing the Rrrr is a fine casting. Maybe the rating should have been “least preferred” instead (LOL!)
    I am still yet to see a Matchbox Tesla S (maybe I'm being punished by the powers that be for trashing the Company!!)
    I think all selections are spot-on.

  6. guide you get the DVD you get cut in the visual guide as wellUK the stickers go Jacked Muscle Extreme on is now this is one ofthe things that my has been dead for me .which is a brilliant idea by the way and had to put this this click button big for fingernails cuz it was just alittle rambo should worry just for your manicure yes sorry it's allabout us I we know this yeah but it it so portable and it just brilliant it's fantasticthis makes.


  7. Nothing against the Toyota Off Road, but I disagree about it being in top 3 for best overall. It is decent, but I felt there were more deserving castings, like the 599XX, for example. Oh well, there's no accounting for taste, or the lack thereof.

    What I do agree with, is how some guys say that the Rroadster is not as bad as it gets made out to be. It is actually one of the better fantasy castings in the HW lineup. It reminds me of a futuristic Jaguar, racing style. Don't forget; it's based off the Fast Felion, another casting I like.

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