My favorite diecast cases, Creative Options Thread Organizers, are on sale at…

It may the most common question I get from readers when they see my collection:

What kind of cases are those, and where did you get them?

The answer:

These are 48-count plastic carrying cases, and are made by a company called Creative Options.  They used to be marketed as diecast car cases, but are now marketed as “Thread Organizers” for the sewing set.  I keep almost all of my collection loose, and unless they are in a display, all of the cars in my collection are housed in these.

And I just bought nine more, and they are available to you too.  I got these cases from, and I wanted to pass the info on, especially since they are on sale right now.  I have seen them at stores priced anywhere from $10 to $15, but at they are currently on sale for $6.75 each with FREE Shipping.  That is a killer deal.

You can get them here:

Creative Options “Diecast” Organizer at

I particularly like these because the plastic is smooth with a little give, meaning cars can roll around a bit without getting damaged.  The vertical style also means they are easy to store.  Many of you already use them, and I am sure there are a few more that won’t be disappointed if you get them.

I don’t know how long this deal goes, so act fast…

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  1. In Europe you can find thread organizers in many property markets. I buy them at OBI, 4€-6€ each. You get less slots, but three different boxes in various sizes. Also the slot have different sizes, but all models fit, even hugh diecasts. They have 25 slots.

  2. It's my favorite car keeper too. They are perfect. I can see the cars from outside, easy to hang, easy to label, flat and square, cheap. Can't beat them. I buy them at my local Joann for $7.00

  3. I'm always afraid that the paint on the cars might chip if they move inside their slots so so I get all OCD and put each one in a small plastic baggie. Anyone ever have them get chipped?

  4. Yeah… I do the same thing at Joanne's w/the 50% coupon myself, paying about $7 dollars per box.

    These boxes tend to become a bit bulky compared to the # of cars per size of box.
    They work great and sometimes I might fit two cars per pocket/cell to make use of the space (I only do the double up with my mainline cars). Seems as though there's more than enough space for most cars and just enough for some.

  5. Been using these for some time now. Many cars are low enough to allow double stacking (most Ferrari, Lambo, and Porsche cars for example). So there is a possible 96 car capacity. No issues with paint chips or scratches personally. And really, we're talking opened modern cars here, loss of value is already out the window for 99% of cars.

  6. I do the same. Like you said, the majority of the cars I find myself collecting fit two per slot. I like to go chassis to chassis when possible so it's not metal on metal. Something like the 41 Willys or the Dawgzilla don't double up I have a different case for bulkier castings.

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