Case Report: Opening a Matchbox 2016 B Case…

Remember when the Matchbox A Case came out.  Boy, those were the days….a week ago.

Stuff is just rolling out, and it is fun to see what is next.

The Matchbox B Case may not have the same exciting models of the A Case (Alfa, Jag F Type, etc), but it is significant in that it debuts the first licensed model of 2016.  That is the Freightliner M2 106 Fire Truck.  You can count on at least one new licensed fire truck every year from Matchbox, and I think this is the first time we have seen a Freightliner Fire Truck.  So it is most welcome.

The rest of the batch falls in the utility vehicle scope.  Two fire trucks, the Ford F150 Contractor truck, some farm equipment, and so on.  Not to mention Michael Heralda’s Quick Sander, which serves as a twin to his Hot Wheels Fiesta.  It is a solid batch.

Another interesting tidbit that I didn’t mention in the last case report – Matchbox has now gone to 24-count cases.  I think this is a good thing, as long as they go heavy on the licensed models.  These cases will turn around much quicker, and it will be less likely that the MBX pegs will be inundated with pegwarmers.  It is a step in the right direction when it comes to generating more interest in Matchbox, and making sure these models are available to all that want them.

Nonetheless, they are available now at Wheel Collectors:

Matchbox 2016 Batch B 

And here is the Case Report, pulled, as always, 3-by-3 by Wheel Collectors.


13 Replies to “Case Report: Opening a Matchbox 2016 B Case…”

  1. I like the Jaguar, Jeep and especially the Freightliner fire truck. I feel the Freightliner will become as popular as the International pumper. It's also good to see that Mattel and Daimler (freightliner's parent) are settling their licensing issues. I wonder if the card carries a Daimler hologram?

  2. I just want that Quick Sander to match my HW Ford Fiesta – the rest of the releases are kind of disappointing, apart from the Jag and Cherokee which I already have. The “Pierce Dash” Fire Engine does look good too.

  3. Some nice ones….. Anyone else notice…. It's now a range of 125. The Jaguar and a couple of others don't appear to have range numbers.

    I wondered if the Obama mobile would be released in other colours.


  4. I can't fine A Case either……but remember how long it took to see Batch A in 2015??? I'm really happy to see new models this early and especially before Christmas. So I'm stoked that distribution is improving….. Keep them cases coming!!!

  5. An interesting idea to try 24-count cases, but the ratio of licensed to “Matchbox Originals” is not balanced well for this case: 8 licensed, 16 Originals. The cases have got to swing the other way with those numbers, or it won't matter if you start putting out 18, 12, or even 6-count cases. You can't have the Originals outnumbering the licensed vehicles in a case on a 2:1 ratio. They'll all still end up sitting on the pegs.

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