Case Report: Matchbox kicks off 2016 with a fantastic A Case…

Oh look, ANOTHER Case Report!

I promise this is not becoming the Lamley Case Report Group, as there are plenty of model features coming soon.  But when new cases are released, we need to show them.

And that means we are showing a brand new Matchbox case.  And just a newly-released case, but the first Matchbox case of 2016.  The Matchbox team has been hinting at a great 2016, with an even better 2017 to follow, so now we get to see.

Wheel Collectors just received the new 2016 A Cases, and as always, they grabbed a random case for a Case Report.  All the models can be seen and purchases here:

Matchbox 2016 A Case at Wheel Collectors

Matchbox looks to be returning to realism, so let’s see if that is true.  Here are the models of the A Case, as pulled by Wheel Collectors 3-by-3:

Well, first off, as is a Matchbox tradition, the A case is full of 2015 and 2016 models.  It is hard to remember which is which, but once I have the models in hand it will be easier.  The Jag F-Type is a 2015 debut, and the gunmetal Alfa and black A100 are 2015 recolors.  The Land Cruiser I think is a 2016, as is the Silverado, and I have no idea which of the Cherokees are 2015 or 2016 models.  Oh well.

But it is full of good stuff.  There are still some unruly generics in this case, but a lot of promise too.  What will you be picking up?

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  1. Very nice case. The Toyota Land Cruiser and Silverado are recolors. The Silverado came out in blue before (I want to say 2014, but can't confirm) and red after that. The Land Cruiser has been around for quite sometime. Last time it was a brown color one and a white one as part of the Jurassic World series. Definitely need to hunt for these guys!

  2. Found that case at a Morrisons store here in the UK over the weekend…jag and alfa both awesome, was puzzled by the 2 colours on the Cherokee…the blue version has a series number on the card too…Looks like a great start to 2016!

  3. To clarify, I know the previous releases, I just don't know which are new colors for 2016 or recolors of 2015 models. Thinking about it the Silverado is a 2015 recolor and we will see a new deco later in 2016.

  4. He real cars are amazing. Can't wait to find the Cherokees, the Jaguar, and the Alfa Romeo in grey. I praise that colour choice. Very unexpected, and looks fantastic. The Malibu Marauder looks good too. Now, all those boats and vehicles, I don't think will sell well. The train looks terrible.

  5. Very good case. I will purchase all licenced, and only the first colour of the generic's. The more recolours of a good casting the better :-). Love the Toyota and the A100. I hope these castings will continue for decades.
    The Alfa and the Jag are toppers too. Yesterday I purchased a green DeVille. I was wondering, would a junkjard pack with classic american rusty cars be a good suggestion….??

  6. Now there you go! These are very very nice. The loco is ok but the licensed stuff is definitely the cream of this crop. Love to see a lot of these to stick around but let them go away and come back. Keep making room for more to come out. I love the Silverado but I don't want to get sick of it. That goes for all of these, the alpha is great but space them out. The jeeps are awesome, I love the delivery van too and it was good that it had a break. I will go looking this weekend. I have a feeling they may not have made it here just yet.
    Again if your into HW and MBX come check out my collection on Instagram I have my entire looose collection on my profile page with just a glimpse of my packaged stuff. As I continue to unpack and photo log my stuff I will post much more. Phillywheels is my tag so if you want check me out

  7. Only the Jaguar interests me, but the likelihood of my finding one in a store once this assortment finally reaches the pegs, probably around August of 2016, is ZERO around here. I haven't even seen the red Jeep pickup yet.

  8. What is going on with the 24 count cases. Bad bad idea matchbox. Not enough of the new cars. Talk about peg warmers piling up. One jag per case, come on. Like the new models hope I can find them when they come out.

  9. Retailers won't probably notice that the case only has 24 vehicles instead of 36 vehicles, and as such, will just order one case as usual which means even less Matchbox vehicles on the pegs. It seems distribution of Matchbox is going to get even worse!

  10. Matchbox, unfortunately, does not seem to be back in its better state as what this case shows: Missing #'s on the cards, which recolor is which for 2015 or 2016, shrinking down to 24 from 36 per case, and to make matters worse only one each of the licensed cars, which will be popular, and more of the generics, and considering those generics don't sell well and a store gets a 24 case count expect to wait a loong time for new cases to show up at retail stores. Again it looks to be like 2015 all over again! This is why I buy Matchbox cars online now (some from WheelCollectors) and never regret one bit of it.

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