Case Report: Opening a 2016 Hot Wheels Basic D Case…

Well the Case Reports keep coming.  It seems that is all we are doing lately.  I still have the photo Case Report to do for the 2008 Matchbox cases, and those will come soon.  First though, there are brand new cases to showcase from both the blue and orange sides of Mattel.

It is now Hot Wheels’ turn.  The D cases have arrived at Wheel Collectors, and as always they randomly picked one of them to document its unboxing.  The contents of the cases can be found at their store:

Hot Wheels 2016 D Case at Wheel Collectors

This case has some real highlights, but following the popular C case, and with the ground-shaking E case looming (Porsche Super, BMW, and on and on), this one might be a little overlooked.  But there is plenty to like.

So as always, here are all 72 models from the random D case, as pulled 3-by-3.


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  1. I'll echo what others have said in that my wish list from this case can be counted on one hand with room to spare. There are a couple of hold-overs from C, though, that I'm still looking for.

  2. One model from the b and c case that needs some love is the '77 Pontiac firebird! That is a hella sweet casting! New to mainline this year, it is realistic, detailed, and if you remove all the stupid flame tampos, a really nice car!

  3. you guys are crazy, there's a few nice looking cars in this case – I think some collectors are taking die cast collecting too seriously and not actually ENJOYING these toys. I'll be grabbing quite a few cars out of this case… Dawgzilla, Corvett Stingray, Bentley Continental, 2014 Corvette Stingray, D Muscle, Custom 2015 Ford Mustang, 1967 Austin Mini Van, 2015 Dodge Charger SRT, Toyota Supra, Ford GT40 (Gulf), Cadillac Elmira (black), Volkswagen Caddy (red), Nissan Fairly Z, 1990 Honda NSX, Porsche 356A Outlaw, Oldsmobile 442 on 40″, Hummer (red), Dodge Ram 1500 and Custom Ford Bronco.

  4. @KB, a good deal, if not the majority of the cars you just listed were available in the previous cases. You are right, a lot of the cars he has pictured are nice, but we already have most of them from previous cases, with just a couple of exceptions. Check out C case. So if you were to take this case out of context its pretty good, but in the context of what's already out, not so much. I do enjoy a great many of them!

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