Case Report: Opening a 2008 Matchbox 48-count Basic case, Parts 1 and 2…

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Our trip down memory lane continues, and it just got really fun…

We are working through the sealed bases provided by Wheel Collectors, and after last week’s 2001 72-count case, we are fast forwarding to 2008.  Matt & Matt at WC provided three cases, and below are the videos for the first two, 997B and 997C.

You can follow with me as I try to figure out the year for each case (I get some of it right), and ogle over the goodness that was Matchbox back in that day.  Golden Era for sure.  Oh, and there might be a quick preview of an upcoming series hidden in there somewhere.

And yes, photo reports of both openings are coming here to the blog soon.  You get a video and a report.  Just make sure you subscribe to the Lamley Group Channel so you can go back to the videos whenever you want.

Also, these models are returning to Wheel Collectors, and some are already listed.  Be sure to check them out:

Wheel Collectors ebay store

Alright, enjoy the videos:

Part 1:

Part 2:

2 Replies to “Case Report: Opening a 2008 Matchbox 48-count Basic case, Parts 1 and 2…”

  1. I was only able to watch the first video before work called. It is a great video overall, showing these 7-year-old pieces of art. I would ask that you show the front and rear of some of the cars. I noticed on the Chevy Van and Lotus Europa you did that, but others that had some tampos did not get that view provided.

    Again, though, great videos and thank you very much for going to the trouble to show us what is being opened among these older cases.

  2. Much better on the knowledge of these cases; no need for me to go further, lol.

    I will say this is a 2009 B and C-case as I remember the Challenger and Karmann-Ghia coming out in early 2009, so the 2007 cars are actually 2008 versions. I do have both colors of the Mazda 2 and love them both; there was also a similar recolor on the green 2 in 2008 that was per the manufacturer's request. The Chevy Van is one of the best deco's that I love and still have. Did not realize the Super Kings wheel was used in the line.

    Brings back memories. Can't wait for the retro case review!


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