Hot Wheels 2016 Batch D is now out at Wheel Collectors…

Hey, new Hot Wheels!

B cases are there, C cases here, and a mix of everything else everywhere else.  It seems, as it is every holiday, that new stuff is appearing all over the place.  It seems on Instagram a lot of you are having quite the time hunting down Hot Wheels.

Well it looks like another batch is coming soon.  Wheel Collectors just busted open a new shipment of Hot Wheels 2016 Batch D (case report coming soon), and there are a few models a few of you might be after.  You can find the whole batch here:

Hot Wheels 2016 Batch D

To be honest, the red-hot leftovers from Batch C will be the most popular, but the Corvette Stingray, especially in Super TH form, will get a few of you off the couch.  The real star of this batch is the Hellcat Charger, which appears to upstage last year’s Challenger in terms of realism.  (Y’know, big rear wheels and all.)  I am looking forward to seeing this batch in person.  Maybe not the superstars of C or upcoming E, but solid…

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