Case Report: Opening a Hot Wheels November 2015 Kmart Case…

Well, this is a first.

Call this an experiment, or call it a work in progress.  I am trying my hand at a few videos.  Several boxes arrived today, and because many of you have asked me to film when I open them, I am going to oblige.

So I started with a Kmart case that just arrived.  It is rough, but it is a start.  I am definitely experimenting and I think things will get better.  And no, this is not replacing the Case Reports on the blog.  Those will still be posted, and we have some really fun reports coming.

There is more planned so be sure to subscribe to the Lamley Group Youtube Channel.

After this, I have Japan Booster and Wheel Collectors packages to open, so look for those too.


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  1. The video is a nice addition. But I hope it's just that, an addition. I like seeing the cars in pictures too (probably more than the video). It's easier to use and scroll through back and forth.

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