There are errors, then there are crazy nuts bonkers errors…

There are a lot of reasons that we collect.  One is the joy of finding something unique.  That is why so many will spend a completely irrational amount of time looking for Supers.  When you step back, it makes absolutely no sense that someone would spend that much time, that much gas, and lack that much sleep, just to find a random Hot Wheels that really doesn’t look that much different than the others.  And then, once that one is found, it is put aside and the collector’s mind focuses on the next one.

Frankly, Supers don’t merit that much effort, nor do they deserve the vitriol that some emit when they see someone else found a Super they wanted, but logic isn’t part of this game, is it?  We have all been guilty of one of these irrational pursuits during out collecting existence.

But those are Supers, and there is a certain exhilaration when one is found in the wild.  It is something entirely different when you find an error.  Instead of the “oh boy!” reserved for a Super, it is more of a “well…I’ll be…” kind of response.  Maybe a double take, a close examination, and even a quick image search on your phone to make sure your hunch that something isn’t right is correct.

Sometimes it is totally obvious.  The wheels are mismatched, or the model is tampo-less.  Sometimes it is harder to see, like an unriveted base or missing windows.  Whatever the error, and whether or not you buy it or leave it, errors are always interesting to find.

But in the world of errors, there is a special place for the epic errors.  Those that go past the unriveted base, or missing tampos or mismatched wheels.  They are the errors that are completely bonkers.  The errors that make you second guess whether or not you are actually looking at what you are looking at.  The error that there is no way QC would let get through, but they did.  The error that you know you will never see again.

That happened to me on Tuesday.  I walked into a Walmart while traveling and did my normal perusal.  What I found on the Road Trippin’ pegs was a mind-blower.  A type of error that I had seen in pics, but never in person, let alone on the pegs:

What the?!?  How the hell?!?  I don’t know what to call it.  An unriveted, no-base, no-interior, no-window, no wheels error.  It is just the body, and nothing else.  Definitely a bonkers error.

I have no idea how this happens.  Something tells me this might be a factory worker having a little fun, but there is no doubt this was done in the factory.  However it happened, it made it through the line, through quality control, into a case, over to the US, and onto the pegs.  And now I have it.

And I am glad I do.  It is a casting I really like, and now one of the most unique models in my collection.  I feel fortunate it is a casting I like, because I doubt I will ever see this type of error again.

This is the fourth time I have found a bonkers error.  Interestingly, only my second Hot Wheels bonkers error.  The other two were Matchbox.

The other Hot Wheels error was this Ferrari that had a piece of tape on it.  Tape in a blister is not uncommon, but the full rear tampo printed on the tape is:

The other two, as I said, were Matchbox.  It seems finding Matchbox errors is not a common occurrence, so when they do them, they do them right.

The first is this International Brush Truck with no top piece or windows:

I found this right before the Matchbox Gathering one year, and actually took it to the convention to show to the Matchbox team.  I remember Ryu Asada wondering how that happened considering the top piece had to be riveted to the bottom in order for the whole model to stay together.

The last is still probably my favorite bonkers error.  I have mentioned this one before, but it is appropriate to mention again.  I still remember my shock when I found this Matchbox Olds Vista Cruiser on the pegs.  It is a mismatched wheel error, which happens, but not with a large Hot Wheels white line wheel:

Once again, how this happened is beyond me.  Hot Wheels and Matchbox are created in different factories.  This might be employee shenanigans, like the Toyota possibly is, but one way or the other it ended up in a blister and hanging at my local Walmart.  Incidentally, there are Hot Wheels wheels on the back side as well.

These types of finds don’t happen often.  But it is a blast when they do.

Have you found any bonkers errors?  If you have, share with us on Facebook or Instagram, and be sure to tag us.  We want to see the bonkers stuff…

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  1. I have a few errors I'm proud to own. Nothing too crazy, at least not in my mind as being crazy.
    -Matchbox red BMW 1M missing all tampos (headlights, taillights, etc.)
    -HW '70 Road Runner (2010 Nightburnerz gold) and '66 Chevy Nova (blue new model) where the bases for both didn't mold fully.
    -#217 '40 Ford Woodie (1998 release) missing the engine/grill piece

    A couple errors I really want to find, though, are a reverse base error (base is put on backwards) and a flipped base error.

  2. One error that I have noticed this year is on the '69 charger 500, the stripe on the back of the trunk was missing. There was the white stripe on the sides, and yet no stripe on the trunk. I only noticed this on the original blue release, but not the purple. Must be pretty rare though, because after realizing I had found an error I went back to the store and there were only 2 other chargers without the rear trunk tampo.

  3. Most of mine are rather minor errors–very off center tampos. I also have an HW Mustang without the window glass.

    But, then there's this. How the heck did it slip by?! I mean, 3/4 of the thing's missing!

  4. Ok, that first one – i have to ask – ONE) how did that manage to get past so many staff at the factory without being noticed and TWO) how did the staff member at the store not realise that that was not right….

    Personally i would not have put it out, and would have bought it myself at a massive discount due to it being damaged…… I dont actively look out for errors, i do have a few, they are fun to find, but it does have to be asked, what on earth is happening to quality control as there getting more frequent

  5. Wow–cool post. Never come across anything as egregious as that 2000 GT–in my experience a few missing tampos, jacked rivets and recently the Custom 62 Chevy (aqua) w/ no surfboard. Re: 2000 GT, glad you purchased, I definitely would have, some folks maybe not. Is that next-level-stuff, seeking out errors? Perhaps! Nice find, I'd frame that baby haha, will very likely never see anything like that again…

  6. i love to collect errors. some of my better errors are an unspun mc8 bus (only has the body and seats), a tampo slide rapid transit school bus, and a james bond mainline lotus white with no interior. i am going to do an hwc post soon with my new tablet (with a front camera so less blurry pics) that shows my entire error collection. probably in the next 1-2 weeks.

    if you have any errors for trade please send me a message on hwc. if you dont have hwc, but you have errors for trade, get a free hwc account

  8. also if you are going to leave any error that is not
    -reversed wheels (unless they are 2 different wheels on the car like the invader or supra from 2015)
    -multipack errors
    PLEASE buy them and trade them to me. if i dont have anything you want i can send 97cents for it.

  9. I have an interesting one that I'd be curious to know if anyone has found something similar…In a fresh Walmart dump bin (in which I also scored a super) I found a clean, crisp brand new card….with no blister. No, I'm not talking about an instance where some kid ripped the blister off and stole the car, I mean it was a PRISTINE card that never had a blister attached to it in the first place….like fresh off the printer mint condition. This dump bin hadn't been rooted through yet, so I think the card was sitting against a normal intact package, so there were no bent corners or anything. I was so gobsmacked I just had to take it home. Yes, I paid the one dollar for it even though there was no blister. I don't even remember what model it was…some dumb fantasy one I think, I have the card tucked away in my collection somewhere. Anyone seen this before?

  10. That's not an error, that's somebody buying the pack, taking the car they want, and re-sealing it with a dollar store car in it. I have been tempted to do this with hot wheels 10 packs, but if I did I would buy a new mainline at the same time and put that in the pack. Not a cheap crap car.

  11. I have one really cool error where a bmw e36 was painted and assembled, but the metal in the spoiler was not punched out. its a neat insight in the production. i also have rivet errors, missing windows, reversed wheels and mismatched wheels. i have a datsun wagon where the metal was not fully cast in the back. it happens to be a smooth grill variant as well.

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