Package Report: Opening a box of brand new Hot Wheels & Matchbox from Wheel Collectors…

Find the latest Hot Wheels & Matchbox at Wheel Collectors

Thanks everyone for the feedback on the new Lamley YouTube Channel.  There are some plans for that, and I will get to them as I go.  I am definitely learning on the job.

Here is my promise.  The YouTube Channel was started to do ADDITIONAL features, not to replace the blog.  Lamley’s bread and butter is the photos and features, and that will continue.  But I can enhance those by showing you what I pull from cases, or do a video showing all the models together, and on and on.  The YouTube Channel will support the blog.  I am just very appreciative of the support.

So be sure to head over to the Lamley YouTube Channel and subscribe.

And I am open to feature ideas.  If you have a model you would like to see featured, let me know.  If I can do it I will.

For now, a couple more reports.  Let’s call these Package Reports, since they are packages sent from hobby dealers.  And the first is from Wheel Collectors.

(Find the latest Hot Wheels & Matchbox at Wheel Collectors)

They have been on a tear this week.  Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and more Hot Wheels have arrived, and this package contains all the models I plan on featuring.  So watch the video to see what is in there, and stay tuned to the end for some closeups.

Blog features to come.  Enjoy…

9 Replies to “Package Report: Opening a box of brand new Hot Wheels & Matchbox from Wheel Collectors…”

  1. It should come as no surprise that the model I want to see the most is the Porsche followed by the Fairlady Z and NSX. Please also do the Matchbox Charger and Ford truck soon! Big fan of those.

  2. Nice video, still need some work (like better lighting), but so far so good. I also have my own YouTube account, but with so much stuff going on between school and work I have not had the time to create my own video's. Also i'm not sure how to construct the videos since I don't buy full cases to open and do a report.

    Now i'm deep in school work so my blog has no activity since August when classes began, but I do have a few good ones to post when I get the time possibly by December. I will say this: *Spoiler Alert*: I got the Cadillac One by Matchbox and it's a huge disappointment for me. One, it has no interior and two, the front and rear ends are part of the plastic base. Looks great in black and has the correct decals and limo length, but this casting will get ugly once the colors change or get lighter.

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