Case Report: Opening a Hot Wheels Road Trippin’ F Case (and making sense of all the recent batches)…

Hot Wheels Road Trippin’

I got a surprising message from our friends at Wheel Collectors today.  They just got a huge shipment of Hot Wheels Road Trippin’.

While some of these have been easy to find, many haven’t.  And not only did Wheel Collectors get several of the most elusive batches, they also received the latest batch that has yet to hit stores.

The Road Trippin’ Series has been an interesting one.  I actually love the idea.  Cars aren’t cars without roads, so it makes perfect sense that Hot Wheels dedicate an entire series to roads.  Actually, it is a wonderful idea, made even better by the fantastic cardback artwork celebrating some truly beautiful roads here in the US and abroad.  As one who lives near a few of the roads included, I have enjoyed the series.

And while my first inclination is to say the models have left a little to be desired, when I think about it that isn’t true.  The model selection has been great, and it is kind of mandatory that a deco dedicated to that particular road be put on the car.  I think all in all, this series has been a winner, especially compared to the very poor “Jukebox” series from before.

You can also tell it has been a success by how hard some models have been to find.  The two Skylines have been the most popular, but so have many others.  So many get picked up so quickly it is actually hard to figure out what is in each batch.

Wheel Collectors to the rescue.

They received five batches today, and I asked them to photograph each assortment, and it is shared below.  The bonus?  The first is the brand new batch that is not yet in stores, and there are some fantastic models to be had, starting with that supercool Buick Wagon.  It also contains what is now becoming a Hot Wheels tradition – the 2016 New Year’s Carbonator.

So we will start with the brand new batch and move backwards.  When you look at all the models, it is proof, at least to me, that this is a fantastic series.  It will definitely be missed when it ends.

Incidentally, all the models are now listed at the Wheel Collectors eBay store.  This is your chance to get some of those elusive models like the Skylines.

Road Trippin Batch F:

Road Trippin Batch E:

Road Trippin Batch D:

Road Trippin Batch C:

Road Trippin Batch B:

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