Lamley Awards Poll: What was the MOST DISAPPOINTING Hot Wheels Licensed New Model in 2015?

The Best Licensed New Model of 2015 Poll is still up, but it is time to switch gears.

We don’t like to get too critical here on Lamley, but here is everyone’s chance.  As part of the Lamley Awards of 2015, we are asking what your MOST DISAPPOINTING New Model is for 2015.

Note we are not asking for Worst.  Worst doesn’t mean much.  Worst could mean the model you care the least about.  But that is not what we want.

We want the New Model that was most disappointing.  The one that when you heard was coming you couldn’t wait, only when the model was unveiled, it left you wanting more.  Or worse.  It made you punt babies.  Kill kittens.  Turn green and ravage a city, only to return to normal and slowly walk to the next city with slow piano music playing.  Whatever your reaction, the model is not what you had hoped.

There were a lot of opinions expressed about the Hot Wheels New Models throughout 2015, including by me, but I won’t rehash them here.  We will just vote, and if you want to comment, please do below.  I just ask to keep it civil.  No matter how disappointing a model might be, no one needs to be called names or personally criticized.  These designers know what they are doing, but you are not going to like everything they do.  Here is your time to let them know.

And as we always do, we will keep this Licensed Models only.

The poll is below, and please refer to our Best New Model post to see the photos of all the models.

What was the MOST DISAPPOINTING Hot Wheels Licensed New Model in 2015?
What was the MOST DISAPPOINTING Hot Wheels Licensed New Model in 2015?

18 Replies to “Lamley Awards Poll: What was the MOST DISAPPOINTING Hot Wheels Licensed New Model in 2015?”

  1. Definitely the C7R for me. As a huge Corvette fan I was really excited to get the new cast. The C6R casts had been pretty good, especially the Jake-livery Speed Machines car, and the regular C7 casts are good as well IMO. Somehow they just completed whiffed on the C7R. At least the yellow version isn't too far off from the real livery and with a bit of Sharpie-customization can look a bit better, but the nose really is a disaster. Hopefully they'll do a premium Speed Machines-like version in the future that doesn't suffer from a botched nose job.

    The same could be said for the Aston Martin Vantage GT3, but how do they not put that thing in Gulf livery???

  2. Since I was not that excited about the C7R, i was not that disappointed. It is ugly, in deed, but I choosed the hover mode time machine, because well, a plastic piece instead of wheels. I know, we can't expect more in a one-dollar car, but the delorean casting has been recycled too many times….

  3. It was difficult to choose between the Corvette and the Aston Martin but I went with the Vette due to 2 main reasons :-

    1) Pathetic casting, large rear wheels and of course the up-sloped chin.
    2) The C6.R. Yes, it was because of the C6.R why the Vette is worse than the Aston. If the C6.R was done so well, how and why did they screw up the C7.R? I don't understand this logic.

  4. Obviously, from a collector standpoint, this vote comes down to 4 clear vehicles:
    Corvette C7R
    Aston Martin Vantage GT3
    Viper GTS-R
    Tesla Model S

    I have to go with one of the race cars, and in the case of these, the Aston Martin is indeed the worst. They all lose collector points for the chins, but more importantly, the proportions are what did the Aston in compared to the 'Vette and Viper.

  5. I voted for the Aston Martin Vantage GT3, but the Corvette C7R, Viper, Jaguar F-Type, and Tesla Model S were just as disappointing.

    Yeah, it sounds rather trivial to fuss about toy cars, but that doesn't mean I have to like the direction Mattel is going. I totally respect the fact they tried to make those models more functional for the track. However, the aesthetic value of the castings suffer. Turned potentially all-time great castings into turds.

    I will still buy Hot Wheels, but not the ones with the “chins”. But then again, it saves me a bundle in money and space. As funny as it sounds, it just might be a blessing in disguise.

  6. Not much to add that hasn't been said above: the models based on real race cars with the sloped chin. I picked the Aston Martin simply because the real thing has a gloriously gorgeous nose, so it was the victim that most suffered.

  7. Boy oh boy was this a tough one. I had to vote more than once so I could ensure that the Aston(ishingly awful) Martin and the Tesla Model S both were fairly represented.

    The Tesla could have been as good as Matchbox's version. Instead they gave it the awful, awful Panamera treatment. There's just no excuse for being that generic and awful.

    The Aston, on the other hand, reminds me of those cartoonish cars they did around 2003 and 2004. Anything that reminds me of those dark days should be used as sledgehammer bait. Nothing realistic about that casting at all.

  8. The worst to me was the Corvette C7R. I am a huge Corvette fan and was really expecting this model to come out. The C6R was good, so i hoped the same for the C7R, but they did simply the worst licenced model in many years. Totally ruined. I did try customizing and fixing the upsloped chin but it still is a mess. It's done so bad there is no way to fix it. I hope HW takes note and stops ruining cars

  9. I'm surprised at how many votes went to the Esprit, Elmiraj, Huracan, P1 and others….these people must not like cars because they were all home-runs for a $1.00 quality toy. My most disappointing casting (besides the “chin-ups”…. Now there's a five-pack!) Was the 1969 Charger 500….great casting but the stupid door decals ruined it.

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