Throwback Case Report: Opening a 2009 Hot Wheels H Case…

You read that correctly.  A 2009 H Case.

I know there are quite a few of you – actually most of you – that wish you could jump in Doc Brown’s Delorean and go back just a few years to raid the Hot Wheels pegs.  It seems preposterous now, but there was a time when models like the Datsun 510, Nissan GT-R, and Nissan Skyline hung and hung and hung.  In fact, 6 years ago the Datsun 510 Bluebird First Edition was considered the king of pegwarmers.

How times have changed.

Today, anything Hot Wheels-related called Datsun is insanely hot, and hardly hangs on the pegs.  The same goes for Skylines.  But alas, no one has invented a time machine.

But thanks to our friends at Wheel Collectors, we can at least get an idea of things looked like back then.  Some of you may know that Wheel Collectors recently purchased the entire inventory from the Milezone hobby store, which recently closed its diecast business.  The amount of items is mind-blowing, only surpassed by their variety.  Brands from Hot Wheels to Matchbox to Greenlight to a million other things.  Some models are recently released, some years old.  And many of the goodies are still in sealed cases.

So Matt & Matt and the rest of the folks at Wheel Collectors have taken on the overwhelming task of going through everything and getting it listed for you and I to purchase.  Many items are already up, including several Lamley Deals, but there is a ton to go through.

As fun as it is to see these older items, I thought it would be especially cool to do Case Reports on some of the older cases, especially Hot Wheels Basic, Hot Wheels Premium, and Matchbox.  And Wheel Collectors has obliged.  Today is the first of many that we will show over the coming weeks.  Some of the Case Reports I will actually do myself, and others, like today’s, will be done over at the Wheel Collectors warehouse.

And I thought doing a Case Report on this 2009 Hot Wheels H Case would be a great place to start.  We are not that far removed from 2009, but in diecast years it is an eternity.  Designers, brand direction, and trends can change a lot over six years.  So let’s see if that is the case with this.

Go through the report and let us know what you would surely grab from this case now, and I am willing to bet that it is much different than what collectors were snagging back then.  It should be interesting to see.

Look for these models at the Wheel Collectors store soon, and in the meantime I highly encourage you to check out the current crop of Lamley Deals.

Here we go.  A sealed 2009 Hot Wheels H Case, opened and pulled 3-by-3.  Enjoy…


Which models would you grab?

How does the assortment in this case compare to cases today?

Lots more to come…

23 Replies to “Throwback Case Report: Opening a 2009 Hot Wheels H Case…”

  1. Is it wrong to admit I'm most curious about the Mystery cars? As far as I can remember, the 2009 Mystery cars never made it to Canada (not counting stores that imported US cases).

    I have most of those I want including the 510 Bluebird. Though 1 car I'd jump at buying if I had the chance would be the Ferrari California. I bought two when they were new, one to open and one to keep carded, but due to a dog biting the card, now they're both open.

    I actually found that exact Tail Dragger at Value Village the other week. Ah, the good old days when Tail Dragger was still metal/metal as a mainline.

  2. They need to bring back the real Mystery models the ones you had to open to know what car it is not ones in a plastic wrapper with numbers on them telling you what car you get

  3. I was collecting in 2009 so I've got the models I like from this case… but the one I missed is Tread Air, the ugliest of the bunch. I've never tried to collect the entire lineup every year, but I did go for the First Editions/New Models when that was still a thing. I only remember seeing ONE Tread Air hanging on the pegs all year, and didn't grab it figuring it'd be a pegwarmer and I'd get one whenever Hot Wheels went on sale… never to see another.

  4. I might grab a 510, but as a Ferrari collector my priorities lay with those Californias and 250 GTO's.

    Having said that, 2009 was good times. '09 GTR and AAR Cuda, still got them too, in them same colors!

  5. the ones i would get are the tail dragger, 69 dodge coronet superbee, 55 nomad, 69 camaro, 70 plymouth aar cuda, the green car below the panoz (dont know what its called but its cool), ferrari 250 GTO, and the 66 ford fairlane. there are some nice models in this case.
    my notes:
    1- no hunts in this case
    2- the boxes looked fairly different in 2009'
    3- there was better assortments in 2009, and better numbers of popular cars per case.

  6. Many interesting models, I'd get some classic cars and that XS-Ive and Chopper, too baf I wasn't collecting at time, I see over sites that the first decade of the 2000s had many different stuff, and Ferraris, mainly the classic ones.

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