Lamley Awards Poll: What was the Best Hot Wheels Licensed New Model in 2015?

Now that we have voted on Best & Worst Super, how about we move to what might be the equivalent of a cage match – Best Licensed New Model.

There was a very interesting variety of models released in the Basic Range in 2015, and a ton of good stuff.  Looking back, there were some consensus home runs and definitely some disappointments.  Some that readers loved and I didn’t, and vice versa.  If anything, it was a very interesting year.

I will refrain from making any comments on any specific models to avoid influencing anyone, but I will say that it is important to look at every model on the list.  You might be surprised at how many nice models were released in 2015.  A year is a long time, and you may have forgotten about a couple.

Remember, this is the basic range only, so new models from other ranges are not included.  Also, we are going only with licensed models.  There were definitely some nice unlicensed models, but I think it is safe to assume that none of those has a chance to win, and Lamley is more about the licensed models anyway.

So here is the poll.  Make sure to vote ASAP so you don’t miss it, and please share with your friends. The more votes the better.

And thanks to our good friends at South Texas, below are photos of all the 2015 Licensed New Models, along with recolors, for your review.


What was the Best Hot Wheels Licensed New Model in 2015?

Lotus Esprit S1

24 Replies to “Lamley Awards Poll: What was the Best Hot Wheels Licensed New Model in 2015?”

  1. Tough call…… Of course the nissan would probably win even with an upsloped chin lol, but I went with the p1. It's a nice execution of an exotic super car and that's not easy to do. Well proportioned…. Good lines. All in all, the best of the new models in my opinion.

  2. The obvious “Worst Model” is obvious (don't be a hypocrite), but the best licensed Mainline is much less clear-cut. It'll all come down to the Esprit, 180SX, VolksCaddy, McLaren P1, Huracan, Hellcat Challenger, M4, Hover DeLorean, and Family Car.

    My top 5, in order: P1, Esprit, Hover DeLorean, 180SX (ha!), Caddy

  3. It is really hard to pic this year.

    The Escort 1600RS is wonderfully done, even with the unfortunate chrome interior. The fact the rally lights were molded with the window is a great touch.

    The 180SX is simply a great, highly detailed casting.

    The F-150 is, honestly, possibly the best (stock-ish) pick up HW has ever done.

    The VW Caddy has some great details that make it a hit even if you don't care for the real deal (myself included)

    The Charger 500 may seem like just a rehash of the R/T, but it is very well done and distinctive from the R/T.

    The Elmiraj is one of the best Cadillac castings HW has ever done.

    The Hellcat is just cool.

    And that Simpson's Family Sedan… seriously, this one was amazingly done. I mean, it even has the rippled front fender.

  4. I want to vote for more than one! I voted for the 70 Escort because I'd love to see more older boxy econo cars rendered in 1/64. I love the BTF Hover mode and the Simpsons Family car. I had to have both colors of the Charger 500.

  5. I really like the classic charger 400, but I did not vote for it because it took some customization to make it cool. All I had to do was remove those awful decals on the side and then it looked like a stock charger.

  6. My choices came down to the Escort and the P1. The P1 looks great in person but doesn't photograph well. The Escort won because it always looks great. And unlike most of the others in the “licensed” group they have little or no modifications.

  7. As much as I wanted to vote for the P1, Huracan, or the Elmiraj, I went with the 180SX because that casting was closer to perfection, not to mention a pleasant surprise.

    The Elmiraj had my vote till I found out the steering wheel was casted to the floor. Yes I already know there are other castings with that interior setup, but Mattel should have known better for a car like that; it does not do it any justice.

  8. My choice is tied for 3rd from last (gotta love an underdog). Despite the upward-sloping chin spoiler Mattel gave it my fav from this group is the best-looking car in real life: Aston Martin Vantage GT3.

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