Case Report: Opening a 2016 Hot Wheels Basic C Case…

Hot Wheels 2016 C Case

Yeah, two Case Reports in a day.  That is what happens when Wheel Collectors gets a monster pallet on a Friday afternoon.

The Heritage models might be the more interesting models, but this will definitely be the more interesting Case Report.  There are some interesting models for sure.  Many of which have already been leaked or previewed (including the Nitto Tire Supra here on Lamley), but now the question is how many can we expect in a case?

So among all the mayhem over at Wheel Collectors, Matt & Matt were nice enough to, as always, snag a random case and document its opening.  After you check out the Case Report, be sure to head over to Wheel Collectors to snag the models you want from the Hot Wheels C Case, and be sure to check out the brand new Lamley Deals as well.

For now, here is the full case, opened and pulled 3-by-3.


Hot Wheels 2016 C Case:

Treasure Hunt Alert:

A nice case.  My eye is definitely on the Porsche 356, and I know Jun’s Z will be gobbled up by many of you as well.  A bit frustrating that at least with this assortment they come one-per-case.  No Super in this one as well – it’s the Acura NSX if you live on another planet – and we will see if the guys at WC get lucky with another case.  It will be listed if they do…

There was more on that pallet.  More to come…

14 Replies to “Case Report: Opening a 2016 Hot Wheels Basic C Case…”

  1. 2nd thing I noticed next to the sweet paint job on this version was the fact it has a plastic base. Doesnt it make you wonder why it used to be all diecast and how it remained that way for so long?. Recently I remember a few of this casting being issued with metal base and plastic body too. What the hell?.

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  3. The one with the plastic body is a different casting, based on a Corvette Stingray with the greenhouse rear window and is also known as the “Pizza Vette” because of weird pizza graphics on the first version of the casting released to stores.

    My childhood favourite was the 1976 Corvette Stingray casting, which is probably most easily identifiable as having the flat rear window (and a metal body, heh).

  4. Oh, I see on the South Texas Diecast guide that there were a few 5 or 6-pack releases of the '76 Corvette Stingray casting with a “chrome” release (as in “chrome”-coated plastic) so the plastic chassis isn't completely new. Didn't know that.

    Of course, the '76 Corvette Stingray body is also used on the Monster Vette casting, which has had plenty of chrome plastic chassis, but I'm not really counting those.

  5. I need these cars from this case:
    Ford GT
    Cruise bruiser
    1963 aston Marten DB5
    41 Willy's
    BTTF delorian time machine hover mode
    Corvette stingray
    66 Ford fairlane
    68 Shelby gt500

    I might buy a Porsche outlaw and 71 challenger depending on how they look

  6. My guess it has been swapped would have been at top of case! Super NSX out sratos in to easy if mattel could track this case they would find the thief just saying!!

  7. Why does HW do this? They give us only 1 or 2 each of the casts they know are popular per case. Collecting HW has become increasingly frustrating. I wish I could meet the idiots in charge of determining what goes in each package and the idiots in charge of distribution….so I can give them a piece of my mind.

  8. Is the Delorean time machine in that case different to the 2015 release? Good to see the Caddy back, looks like an authentic 80s vw colour too…356 and Fairlady Z look good too…

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