For the most passionate of Skyline Collectors: The Japan Post Nissan Skyline GT-R Great Car Stamp Collection…

I have been wanting to show this for awhile, and considering Japan Booster has one for sale that expires in a couple of hours, now is the time.

Here is an what could be called an understatement: I am not alone in my love for the Hakosuka Skyline.  With the JDM scene exploding, the Hako is the Taylor Swift of vintage Japanese.  It’s a superstar.

And that fandom is growing.  The more car enthusiasts get exposed to the JDM scene, the more the love for the Hakosuka Skyline grows.  And while it could be the gateway drug of all things Japanese car, I don’t think the love wanes.

But that is here in the States.  The 1970-72 Nissan Skyline GT-R already sits on its sacred throne in Japan.  It is the ’69 Camaro or ’65 Mustang of Japan.  And that is why it is no surprise that it has further solidified itself as a Japanese legend when the Japan Post dedicated a stamp collection to the Hakosuka.

Even better, in brilliant Japanese fashion, they turned the set into a beautiful 10-stamp set, complete with an exclusive Kyosho replica.  This isn’t your typical stamp set in cellophane that you can buy at the post office.  This is a beautifully package set of stamps that you will never open.

Furthermore, this set is not something you can just walk in and get.  The Japan Post only made 3000 of these sets, and when you think about the population of Japan, you can see how limited this set is.

That is why I feel very lucky to have one, thanks to our good friends at Japan Booster, and like I said, there is a set available right now for auction, and it expires shortly.  And if you don’t get that one, Japan Booster has let me know that they have a couple more to auction off soon so keep checking back.

I honestly don’t know what else to say about this set, so I will let the photos show you how cool this is.  It is a very unique piece, and if you are a Skyline collector, totally worth having…

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