You really should be following the Matchbox Team on Instagram this week…

We have been admonishing our Lamley readers to follow Matchbox on Instagram at @matchboxworld.  The new team is surprisingly forthcoming on all kinds of info, from sneak peeks to behind-the-scenes photos.  
It is not something we are used to with Mattel, and it has been a blast.  The Matchbox Team has opened its doors to collectors and want them to be a integral part in the revival of the orange brand.
That is why you should be following them on Instagram, and if you aren’t, this is a great time to start. The team is in Thailand this week visiting the factory, meeting with the folks there to ensure that everyone is on the same page moving into 2016 and 2017.  They have promised some behind-the-scenes pics from the factory, and have already delivered with this pic below of the upcoming Alfa Romeo 4C in grey.
So give them a follow, and let your collector friends know so they can do the same…

5 Replies to “You really should be following the Matchbox Team on Instagram this week…”

  1. It seems Matchbox could give hot wheels a run for its money or any other die cast brand for that matter but with only for pegs at the target i hunt at i don't see that happening any time soon

  2. I honestly can't say that I recall the Lamley Group “scolding” it's readers to follow Matchbox on Instagram. Nor reprimanding us to do so or warning us to do so. Perhaps you've “advised” us to follow… Now that, I can agree, is a terrific idea!

    And Matchbox has definitely been improving. Now if the stores would just stock them once in a while!

  3. yes, but Instagram only allows you to post one image per private message, so sending 20 separate messages can be daunting even to the admin. I'd advise you create your own IG account, post your pics there, and send one private message to @matchboxworld your with a link to your new IG page.

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