The Foxbody is back: The Matchbox ’93 Mustang LX SSP for the 2015 Mainline…

With Matchbox in a full upswing, it is hard to pinpoint one model that got it all started.

The fact is that even in its darkest days 2-3 years ago, Matchbox was still releasing some real gems.  Just not that many of them.  But the 2015 line seems to be the start of something special.  The Tesla, Porsche, Lamborghini, BMW M5, and Cadillac One this year are a good signal of what is to come.

But before that, in 2014 Matchbox released the 1993 Ford Mustang LX SSP in CHP livery.  It was an instant classic.  Police cars are right in Matchbox’s wheel house, and doing a police car like the Foxbody Mustang was a perfect “Matchbox-esque” choice.  A stock stance, perfect wheels, and a look pulled right from its era.  The model was gobbled off the shelves, and at least for me (and I am sure for a lot of others) it will always be a favorite.

Looking back, the Mustang was a good indicator that Matchbox was ready to move back to its roots of realism.  This year even more evidence has emerged.  And 2016 looks to go even deeper.  It will be very interesting to watch how things develop.

The Foxbody will try to follow its stellar debut in 2014 with two versions in 2015.  One in the Best of World line (it is quite the looker, and we hope to show it soon), and the other in the 2015 mainline.  And today we have the mainline version here to show off a bit.

Can the 2015 version equal the 2014?  Probably not, but what could?  CHP is iconic, and maybe only NYPD could top it.  This version has an unlicensed livery, but at least the looks are there.  A new color, and an era-appropriate livery.  And once again, those perfect disk wheels.  Hot Wheels might have real riders figured out, but when it comes to mainline plastic wheels, there is no comparison between orange and blue.  Matchbox wins.

I said earlier that Matchbox has the police model market cornered.  The Mustang, BMW M5, and Dodge Charger Pursuit (look for a full feature soon) all are evidence.  So is the Dodge Monaco and Buick Century.  For good measure I included a couple of pics of the recent released of those two, both in 5-packs.  Chrome would have been the better choice – the new team agrees – but these are still two very good looking models.

Enjoy the pics…

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  1. Well to sound like a skipping record, they need to get these out. I will be pretty dissappointed if I end up not getting CHP version but their coming it seems. This is my whole argument with THs or chase cars whatever you want to call them. MBX (yes I'm going to use that term from now on) has more important things to take care of before they think of going in that direction. I voted no to it but I have been thinking of it. I would be open to it “IF” MBX can make it so they are hard to scalp. My biggest problem with HWs THs is the blatant backroom deals between retail employees and not collectors but scalpers. It is so eveident when you can go on Scalpbay or a flea market and you see people with multiples of one model. It's discouraging for me as a collector. I've come to my senses though and I don't need to have them. Not that I wouldn't like to just not interested in the madness of it. The Supreme Hero collection was a nice series but it was not promoted right at all. I only recently came across them 100 miles away from home. In a TrU witch I try not shop because this is the retailer I have seen more backroom deals even with police officers. Hey if you can do it I guess all is fair. Anyway I said this before PLEASE MBX please get this right I'm sure you know there is a lot riding on this. MBX dose not need to follow any other brand it has a following of it's own. I collect both brands and even collected JL when they were around. I think and if I'm wrong please correct me we as collectors are really car guys we love cars and all we really want is quality product that we can get our hands on.

  2. Excellent realistic design and a great model to add to the collection. The black bumpers look very contrasting and period specific. Thanks for showing these.

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