First Look: The Matchbox Tesla Model S gets a recolor for 2015…

I normally don’t like to put up posts over the weekend, but this weekend was an exception.  The question of whether or not Matchbox should do chase cars came up, and I thought it would be interesting to see what readers thought.  And I wasn’t alone.  The Matchbox Team also wants to know, and so I asked.

That spurred a very interesting discussion with interesting discussions from both sides.  Even the vote was even for most of the weekend.  This discussion is definitely not over, so if you haven’t voted in the Lamley poll, now is the time.

More than a few times in the last couple of days, the comments centered around the fact that a chase model isn’t necessary because with the distribution the way it is, Matchbox models are already hard enough to find.  And of all the hard-to-find models mentioned, the Tesla Model S was mentioned the most.

And I agree.  It was incredibly hard to find for quite awhile.  It seemed the Tesla was gobbled up as fast as a Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt every time it hit the pegs.  And for good reason.  The Tesla is simply a stunning model, and indicative of what collectors hope for and expect from Matchbox.

The model is wonderfully done (by current Hot Wheels and former Matchbox designer Ryu Asada, who also designed the Hot Wheels version), the color is stock, and the tampos are realistic.  Front and rear, and that is all that is needed.  It fits in so well with the numerous realistic models Matchbox rolled out in the late 2000’s, like the Audi R8, Cadillac CTS Wagon, and Bentley Continental GT.

So it is no surprise it has been so popular.  Thankfully it has returned to the pegs in later Matchbox batches, hopefully making it easier for those who haven’t found it to grab one.  Keep checking.

And aside from that, you will have another chance.  The Tesla is returning to the 2015 Matchbox line in blue, and – no surprise – it looks fantastic.

There isn’t much to say about the blue version that the photos won’t show you.  I guess I can say that the Tesla obviously has a bright future in the Matchbox line, and I look forward to many more versions.  I have already put my recommendation into the team that we need to see it soon in either white or black with black rims.  For now, I will fully enjoy the red and blue versions.

Look for this one late this year or early next.

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  1. With all this talk about how hard to find the Tesla is, it amazes me I have found 2 while I have not seen a single black California Special Mustang.

  2. Kyle actually the local Wal Marts in my hometown do or did sell some MB die cast Teslas (where I actually reside is in eastern Canada) and as for you doomus I did at least see one MB brand die cast Ford Mustang California Highway Patrol car at a local Toys 'R' Us store so word of advice for the both of you is never say never cause you never know you fellows may one day be in luck.

  3. Looks great…been lucky enough to find the red version at Morrisons here in the UK recently…both Matchbox and Hotwheels versions seem to share the same interior casting, anyone know whether it's intentional or do they just look similar?

  4. I can't say with certainty but it's perhaps just coincidental that Hot Wheels Tesla & Matchbox Tesla versions appear similar to one another.Again I can't say with certainty.

  5. Haven't seen the Tesla yet but we are finally getting some different models. The Ford F150 utility body is around more and I finally picked up the green and black Caddy. This is really starting to get exciting waiting on MB to hit the shelves who would have thought.

  6. Wise words my friend… A few days ago I went down to the Target in the state below my province and guess what I dug out from behind some generics? The Tesla! :^)

  7. You're lucky to be able to purchase the die cast “Caddy” cause that's what I want as well but the trouble is that local stores in my hometown so far aren't selling the Caddys.Wait you said green so does that mean there's a green colored Cadillac One Limo die cast that you purchased?

  8. Why is blue the universal opposite of red? On the color spectrum green is the opposite of red. But whenever a red car gets a recolor its almost always blue, and vice versa. Don't get me wrong, the blue looks nice, but black would look way better in my opinion. Hopefully matchbox we'll see how well this model sells and will come out with a black version in the future. I currently own 13-14 of the red ones 🙂

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