Just Released: Japan Post & Nissan Skyline GT-R limited stamp collection and model, as well as a new UCC Coffee Skyline set…

Let’s see, the US Post Office releases special Elvis and Mickey Mouse stamp collections, and the Japan Post Office releases a Miata and now Skyline stamp collection.  Hmmm.

No offense to those first two, but I think I like the Skyline set better.  Especially when set comes the way this one does.

You buy a set here in the US, and you get a sleeve of stamps.  You buy the Skyline set in Japan, and you get a beautiful package containing 10 stamps, complete with an exclusive 1:64 scale model.

The only problem?  The Skyline set is limited to 3000.  That means the set sold out incredibly fast.

But here is the cool thing.  Lamley readers have a good friend in Japan in the form of Japan Booster, and they were able to get their hands on a small number.  For Skyline nuts, this is a must have, and the the first set they acquired is now available for bidding:

Japan Post Nissan Skyline set at Japan Booster

They will be selling these at auction to give everyone a chance who wants one, so don’t miss out.

And that is not all the Skyline news out of Japan.  UCC Coffee has released another special edition Skyline set.  We featured the first set, and from what we have heard, it was immensely popular in Japan.  The new set is equally as exciting, with a Calsonic R32, R35 prototype, and Kenmeri.  Japan Booster will have a few of these as well, and we will definitely let you know when they are listed…