I am at the Hot Wheels Convention starting today, once I get overacouple of distractions…

The journey to Los Angeles for the Hot Wheels Convention started yesterday, but something happened along the way.  I foolishly stopped in Vegas.

And the Vegas distraction was not a typical Vegas distraction.  I am not all of a sudden broke.  I didn’t steal Mike Tyson’s tiger.  No Wolfpack shenanigans.

These were the distractions:

Yeah, those are the two Skylines that caused a distraction at JCCS a couple of weeks ago, Jay Kho’s DR30 and Roy de Guzman’s Hakosuka.  Honestly, the cars were the bonus.  Seeing my two good friends and wandering around a sleepy Las Vegas with them was the real reason.  It was a great night, and a wonderful…distraction.

More pics might be on their Instagram pages, including a very cool moment between friends.  If you are car fiends you should definitely follow them.  @jester702 and @royshakosuka.

A few cars might of changed hands, and this gift from Jay blew me away.  Payback is coming…

Thanks for a great night guys, and for not getting me back in time to get a Lamley post up.  It is all your fault.  Readers can direct their fury to you.

Nonetheless, I will be at the Convention shortly.  Check back periodically for updates…

7 Replies to “I am at the Hot Wheels Convention starting today, once I get overacouple of distractions…”

  1. Praying for the following:
    1. Ferrari's return to the mainline (a miracle, yes, but if they do come back, they better have the Ferrari FXX K, 458 Speciale, 488, and more colors for the LaF and F12),
    2. A new, premium, Real Riders-equipped line specifically for GT3/GTE/GT1 racers that feature accurate bodywork and loads of detail,
    3. Rally cars,
    4. A McLaren, preferably a regular, stock F1, but the 675LT would suffice,
    5. The Cayman GT4 (hooah, this will be a dangerous wish), along with the type 991 GT3 RS and Turbo S, and
    6. Ferrari's return to the mainline. I'll storm heaven and earth just to make it happen. 2018, perhaps?

  2. I very much doubt the C-X75 will be, Jag have only given permission once to a concept in model form, and that was supposed to be a real car, that they cancelled, at the lastish minute, the DB10 will be utilised as a small scale, as Aston has already given permission for this to be used, but they have NOT announced Who it is that the licence has been given too.

  3. While on the subject of JDM's.. does anybody know when the RLC Shelby Toyota 2000GT sold out. I went back on the day after and notice the HWC site had in tiny script “Not available'. It didn't say SOLD OUT like it usually does;{

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