Need more evidence of where Matchbox is going? This Corvette ZR1 should suffice…

This needs to be shown.

It needs to be shown because what I try to do on Lamley is show cool cars, no matter what the brand. And this is a really cool car.

It needs to be shown because it is further evidence that the folks at Matchbox are pretty darn serious about grabbing your attention again.

And it needs to be shown so the folks at Matchbox can continue to see your responses.  And I am not necessarily talking about the “Oh that is awesome!” responses.   Those are great, but it is the “Please get Matchbox back in Canada!” or “I haven’t seen a Matchbox in Brazil in years, and I would buy this!” responses.  I am lucky that Matchbox gets stocked around here, and I can’t imagine how frustrating it is to see these models on the blog and know that there is little to no chance you will see them at your local store.

I promise that the Matchbox Team is serious about fixing distribution, and they know that it starts with better product.  Hopefully the evidence of that is mounting.  The more interest that is shown, the easier it is for the team to get the ear of those in charge of distribution and make sure the product gets to those that want it.

So that is a major reason I am showing these.  Not to flaunt them in front of those that can’t get them, but to generate the interest in what is undoubtedly an improving brand, and getting that interest to a level that the suits at Mattel will listen.  It is unfortunate that we are at this point, but we can make it better.

And with that in mind take a gander at this Corvette.  The ZR1 casting has been out for awhile, released in several colors, but never like this.  The 2016 version of this model comes in stunning black, and with the 5-spoke rims it sits on, it looks like a Corvette should look.

But it gets better.  I will let the photos reveal it:

This is a stunner.  The offset stripes are just too cool, and the team found a way to include front, top, and rear tampos.  And with those wheels?  Nossa, that is pretty…

In some ways this is even better evidence than the Skyline of where we are going.  An existing casting looking the best it has ever looked, including in that last “Golden Age” I have been going on about for awhile.

As I said in the Skyline post yesterday, it is a good time to be a collector.  Hot Wheels has some doozies coming out, and Matchbox is on a roll itself.  Better make more space in the collection…

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  1. The Vette is great and things are changing, mostly for the good – but what would make it better in my opinion would be, reduce the number of models either back to 75 or 100 at most, clear out the generic rubbish that no one wants, and that's clear by the amount of generics that are ALWAYS left on the shelf – It does not take a bran surgeon to realise, that if you had regular boxes of 36, rather than 72, of models that collectors want, that kids want, both in the hand on on the wall like F-Type, Lambo, Ferrari etc, it is these that sell.

    Mattel have been told this for years and years and years, no one ever listened, so, to expect everyone to imagine this is going to happen, comes with a pinch of salt, most will only believe it when it happens, and happens all the time, not just three boxes a year, and then nothing.

    The models that matchbox are coming out with, can only be described as awesome, the Jag is THE CAR OF THE YEAR, nothing comes close, personally the Silver JapC**p should be left to HW, in my opinion, unless it is a new model, maybe the new Mazda CX-5, What about a Nismo Juke, a model sold the world over and a sporty one to top the range – what about the LEAF, the worlds most popular EV.

    Matchbox seems to have a deal with Jaguar Land Rover, the Defender, will always remain one of the best all-time models, and should stay in the range for ever, the new Evoque and F-Type, shame the LR4 was cancelled, as that is another stunning model, so how about one of the Jag Saloons, you have three to choose from, XE, XF, XJ, Oxford Diecast, does the entire range,

    XF MK II
    XJ MK 1.5
    XK Coupe
    XK Convertible
    F-Type Convertible
    Defender, many versions, throughout history (about 30+)
    Discovery 4 (LR4)
    Freelander (LR2)
    The Big Range Rover (Coming)

    How about it MBX, how about getting a deal with a manufacturer, and sticking with them long term, release a special First Edition of each new model that comes along, then various colours, Just look at Citroen, Peugeot and many other brands that sell diecast, they make a fortune, at the Paris motor Show last year, i alone spent nearly £200 on diecast alone, with about 40 PSA branded models.

    NOW, back to the Vette, Most who know me, know that the USA products are not my cup of tea, some are better than others, but this one, just blows the rest out of the water, it is a standard one colour (I don't like the stripes) with a front and rear light treatment, on a one colour scheme, this just looks the dogs BLX.

    We need more like this, less rubbishy colour schemes, less tacky tampo's and more, factory colours, as you see them, the range of models your produced on Lamley a week or so ago, with the Cayman, Jag etc, was a brilliant picture, and one, I suspect that not many of us thought we would be seeing again, well, not for a long time anyway.

    The Vette, just looks right, the wheels, colour and stance, and this is the first time i can say that about that model Vette,

    So, the ball is definitely rolling at speed, and it needs to be kept going, so what is missing, well, family cars, the Focus is a world wide model, Like the Fusion (Or Mondeo in Europe), the new 2-Series Active Tourer, it is these”bread and butter” cars, that make the sports cars, and luxury ones, stand out even more…..

    As it is, MBX 15 has been a classic year, 2016 is looking like an even better one, lets hope 17 On keeps it going.

  2. This Corvette is beautiful, but Matchbox cars like this are never on the pegs. Matchbox cars are great, if they are available, and when they are it's always these construction vehicles and they just sit on the pegs because no one wants them.

  3. Yes. I'd sure buy this Corvette, and I'd sure buy all those recent beauties Matchbox is showing us lately.
    The Tesla, the Jaguars, the Alfas, the Porsches, the Hakosuka… please Mattel, please Matchbox: keep going on this direction. This is what most collectors were asking for, for years.

    And please: bring Matchbox back to Brazil!
    I can definitely say that I'd buy way way more Matchboxes (like those mentioned above) than Hot Wheels.

    This year, 2015, I probably bought only two or three Hot Wheels miniatures. And I must add, I bought those HW even though those HW weren't what I really look for. Thing is, we only got HW in most of Brazil, we don't really have a choice of 1:64 brands. Only Hot Wheels here, only Hot Wheels there. Go to store no.1 you can buy Hot Wheels. Go to store no.2, Hot Wheels, go to store no.3, Hot Wheels again. Go to store no. 68, ugh, the same Hot Wheels as always. It gets really really boring to collect 1:64 models in Brazil. If Hot Wheels models aren't my kind of miniatures, what choice do I have in here, but more Hot Wheels? I've said before on other comments: if this HW 1:64 monopoly keeps going for too long, this is going to kill Mattel's 1:64 market in the medium/long run.

    Hot Wheels needs a counterpart at the stores. That counterpart can come from Mattel itself!
    An no, I don't see cannibalization from MBX and HW.
    The orange and the blue brand should be available at the stores, as means of giving the consumer a option. MBX gets the kind of buyer that HW doesn't, and vice-versa. Mattel already has a de facto monopoly on the brazilian 1:64 diecast market. It doesn't need to be a specific Hot Wheels monopoly.
    When we have only the blue brand on the stores, that's when buyers feel the bad side of having a monopoply, because we feel we are being “forced” to buy Hot Wheels.
    Give us buyers an option of brand. Bring us Matchbox back!

  4. Corvette looks great – I love the “stock” look of licensed MBX cars and this is a great example. Hope to see more like this and LESS construction vehicles here in Australia – It's like Mattel sends us all the crappiest MBX cars that can't be sold stateside.
    Would love to see more contemporary Cadillacs and European saloons/grand tourers.

  5. Jon Mower, thousand miles away from you and yet, so many opinions shared.
    I'm leaving this comment to make it easier to Mattel's staff to acknowledge us.

    “(…) what would make it better in my opinion would be, reduce the number of models either back to 75 or 100 at most, clear out the generic rubbish that no one wants, and that's clear by the amount of generics that are ALWAYS left on the shelf.”

    — Sometimes I wonder about the time, money and effort spent on those generics. As said by collectors WORLDWIDE, generics gets stuck at the pegs WORLDWIDE. Mattel can save money and time by cutting the ammount of generics of their lineup. It doesn't matter if the MBX ends with less models per year. Quality over quantity.

    “(…)the models that matchbox are coming out with, can only be described as awesome.”

    — Again, we don't see the same hype caused by those recent MBX releases when it comes to generics. I don't remember getting hyped or seeing anyone hyped when it comes to the release of a generic miniature. Has Mattel ever noticed something contrary to this statement?

    “(…)We need more like this, less rubbishy colour schemes, less tacky tampo's and more, factory colours, as you see them.”

    — The color/tampos scheme can either ruin a miniature or make it stand out like a true jewel.
    Sticking to a more realistic painting scheme probably saves money for the “creation/creative team” at Mattel, and probably reflects on better sales at the pegs.

    “(…) it is these “bread and butter” cars, that make the sports cars, and luxury ones, stand out even more.”

    — Agreed. Simply agreed.

  6. Great model, great post, model i would totally buy if i could ;

    John, when you say ” Those are great, but it is the “Please get Matchbox back in Canada!” or “I haven't seen a Matchbox in Brazil in years, and I would buy this!” responses. I am lucky that Matchbox gets stocked around here, and I can't imagine how frustrating it is to see these models on the blog and know that there is little to no chance you will see them at your local store.”, please includes France too.

    Here, HW invasion, with an invasion of ugly Burago's too.
    Our old and good French stuff MAJORETTE and NOREV are pushed away with HW and Burago.

    Why don't Matchbox couldn't be sold again in France ?

  7. We here in SEA are waiting and writhing in unimaginable pain to get all these finely-made castings. Please, please, I beg of you (I have begged Mr. Larry Scaduto one post ago) New and Totally Dope Matchbox Team, bring them here. And with a bang, too, through a big, 10-models-for-the-price-of-1 bash. Same goes to everyone else who's clamoring for new MBX.

  8. This 'Vette looks really cool. I disagree with these not being on the pegs. We have a discount store called ACTION here in Belgium, and they carry the recent models of the Matchbox line. I got the yellow Ford GT40, the gold Miura, the red Tesla Model S, the yellow Lamborghini LM002, the red '66 Dodge A100, and so on, for just 1.19 euro each. Difficult to find a better deal. These models are out there! But I agree, not in your traditional toy shops, where it's all hot wheels…

  9. I really hope that Matchbox comes back big. It angers me to see all the crappy generic garbage stuck on the pegs like superglue. Even though at this point I think Hot Wheels is better, I have always been a huge Matchbox fan. And thats for models like the Nissan Xterra from 2001, as well as the Volvo XC90 in 2005 and the Honda Ridgeline in 2007. Oh, and another problem I have with the Matchbox generics is that they use boring names. Are you kidding me? Look at models such as 'Rain Maker', or 'Load Lifter', and 'Lawn Mower'. I don't think they have a model named 'Lawn Mower', but they could come out with a generic model like that. Anyway, back to the good licensed models. I am not necessarily talking about Matchbox making exotics like the Lambos, Porsches, and Aston Martins, even though that really is a good idea because people like them. We see the exotics in the Hot Wheels line. What I really hope to see Matchbox come out with are licensed SUVs, Trucks, Sedans, and maybe I would even like to see some minivans appear in the Matchbox lineup, such as the Ford Aerostar. I know Hot Wheels came out with a Ford Aerostar, but that was a long time ago. That even applies all the coupes and convertibles, too, that are licensed. Not all the generic tractors and construction vehicles that I keep seeing on the pegs. Oh, and about the Corvette, I think it looks fantastic. I'm sure many will be chomping it off the pegs.

  10. Absolutely NOT impressed. I am a lover of all North American vehicles and I am just soooo tired of seeing Corvette's Mustang's and Camaro's. These castings of all generations have been done by all manufacturers over and over and over again. What the hell is so special about this casting?. What about a Caprice, Corvair, Astre, Stratochief ,Laurentian, Elektra?. What about the 70's bodystyles that time forgot?. Like the Malibu, Laguna, Monte Carlo, Skylark, New Yorker ,Aspen, Dart, Cougar ,LTD 2, Datsun Violet, original Honda Civic, Gremlin, Chevette, Pinto, etc, etc.!! Matchbox ARE YOU READING THIS?!. C'mon!.

  11. This is undoubtedly a nice model but I don't understand the frequent overlap between matchbox and hot wheels. HW also has a pretty nice ZR-1 already , so why does its sister company do the same? It seems like a waste of resources to have different castings of the same car.

  12. Good thing Mattel own MBX & HW. Because to me it looks more like something you see on a HW Card. I am not very big on MBX, but here lately I have started looking at the MBX Cars in my favorite stores. Watch out HW. A new kid on the block is here. Or shall I say Old Kid now a New Kid.

  13. Gentlemen……outstanding observations and thoughts!!! I saw this change coming long before it could be talked about. John is 100% right…'s a great time to be a Matchbox Collector. I'll also keep you posted on other projects I've been working on. Details to follow soon…..

  14. Maybe Matchbox models should be packaged as a 2-Pack with a Hot Wheels Car. Neat way to slip Matchbox models into countries that currently only stock the blue brand. Or maybe have the same two models in the pack. (Like a MB Mustang and a HW Mustang) Make them exclusives as well. Collectors from around the world will be trading for these models!!!

  15. Here in the US.. I still haven't seen the Lambo or the GT40. If someone picked them up already, there sure aren't enough of those to go around. TOO MANY GENERICS and not enough licensed models available. I got lucky with the Tesla but they have come and gone. Those damn generics are ALWAYS left behind, sucking up valuable shelf space and it's always the SAME models left.
    I also believe some stores don't give a crap about 'little toy cars' – whether it's the store manager or what – the licensed MBX vehicles are always hard to come by. A Walmart I visit seems to be VERY SLOW with new MBX inventory, but they seem to roll through with the last Blue brand stuff. Some Walmarts are not created equal.

  16. Nice ZR1. If it has to have stripes, they are tastefully done without being tacky.. just enough w/o going overboard. Anyhow, it will have a fight on it's hands, in other words.. it has to battle all the other generic brethren for shelf space. This Vette will have limited time left because of demand and the UNWANTED vehicles will still be there long after the REAL models are gone.
    Know what a good idea would be to do.. remember how HW's debuted the Delorean earlier this year in red with the original paint scheme package that was available on the Turismo. That is creativity! Think about it.. resurrecting the old with the new. MBX could try the same with maybe a reissue of the Lamborghini Countach:

  17. They don't sell Matchbox here in Spain either :/ i have been buying less and less Hot wheels, because of these reasons: The distribution is TERRIBLE, we were stuck with case L for 3 months, and now we have case P. Where are cases M and N? will we get case Q? or even A? I have been buying more and more Majorettes ( their distribution is awful too) but at least Majorettes are like Matchbox: realistic models with realistic colour schemes, i have been buying Welly too. If Mattel was going to change things, they should reduce the amount of generic cars, improve distribution of Hot wheels, re introduce Matchbox to Brazil, France, Spain and elsewhere it's not sold.

  18. And I thought India is singled out. Good to know that many countries do not get MBX cars.:P
    Ironic as it is.
    Mr.Scaduto, it does burn our heart to see them only on the blog. It is just like you can never buy a life size super-car or a super rare classic. Don't understand, if Mattel can ship the blue card garbage every quarter with easy, why cannot it send some nice smelling MBX in the cargo. And by garbage i mean the HWs are literally filling up the dump bins in stores.
    The only good thing that has happened is that i am saving more money. I save on fuel, food (yes we need to refuel too after travelling 20-30 miles), energy and no more frustration of seeing the plasticyyyyyy looking HWs after so much effort.
    Whoever is handling the MBX distribution point is not doing a good job. 🙁
    Mattel, please listen, we don't want to save money, but we also don't want to waste money on what we don't like.

  19. I hope you're right that Matchbox is fixing distribution issues and I may have mentioned this before and I'll mention it again and that is I can't understand for the “life of me” why Mattel which is the parent company to Hot Wheels does a better job of distribution issues but when it comes to its other subsidiary(Matchbox) that it does less of an impressive job in resolving distribution issues.Also like many other retailers the types of Matchbox vehicles I see are mainly generic models that hardly anyone seems interested in purchasing so therefore Mattel if you is reading my comments and you want your patrons to respect you and be satisfied with your products than you ought to do what many of them are asking of you including myself.

  20. Since 2 years we are have the luck MBX is sold in the Netherlands. Unfortunately not all batches show up here and the special series not at all. But it is hard to find licenced models. They are gone in a few hours after the pegs are filled. What is left are the generics. then wait for sometimes more than 3 months until they are gone and new batch is availble for very short time. It's a matter of going to the shop to check a few times a week otherwise you will mis the new batch's licenced models….

  21. Yes i agree with John Mower. Quality over quantity. If you have all these dull models peg warming it means shops don't buy more in because they are sitting on their stock. Vicious cycle.

    I may only buy 10 matchboxes a year, that will be up from 2 in 2 years.

  22. Repost:

    KayneOctober 1, 2015 at 5:16 PM
    Because Matchbox has been making their market smaller and smaller for years. How many people can honeslty collect matchbox when there have been more interesting diecast. Matchbox can make good models but never enough to keep attention.

  23. Ok I am now a believer, however after talking with Larry and he is absolutely right about this. Mattel is going to have to make distribution better or this MB revolution will falter without a doubt. We need to keep on pushing that message here and wherever we can. I do believe they are listening and reading. Another thing I think they should do is limit generics to see what sells and what don't. Most of all they need to mass produce the new licensed products so as the scalpers have no way to hold models for ransom. This is most important because the scalpers need to be discouraged, at all costs. If Mattel floods the market they have nothing to sell. They may be more attainable and less rare but what I remember from my childhood was every model was plentiful but time made them collectable. We as collectors can not expect models to be rare and want them too. If we really want change in our hobby we need to lobby for it. Most of the old Lensey models were mass produced but time and kids playing and losing and burring ect them made them scarce today. Same goes for the Blue brand, they were plentiful. So keep posting what you want because I see things changing and I have to give Lamley a lot of credit for it. So thanks to the ambassadors past and present. Mattel if your listening, Do us right and you will see dividends guaranteed. Collectors around the world have been waiting a long time for this PLEASE do it right. I betting if they are successful we will see an all out war between Orange and Blue because competition creates creativity.

  24. This is the rationale Mattel has used for years to prevent MB making some good models. Iconic models like this, Camaros, Mustangs, Porsche, VW and Ferraris will always sell well. Plus both brands do different takes on the model. This casting was out before or nearly the same time as the HW one. We just haven't seen it in the line for a while.

  25. hey matchbox, why dont you do something to confront this huge black market/ ssecond hand market problem? also, you could see which models sell. why not continue pushing items out on the shelves but then allow collectors to purchase cars in quantities of 10 from online? and the customer pays for shipping.
    this way people in europe and asia, can get what they want and this will also end huge mark ups on cars. and solve your peg warming problem.

    i dis-agree with the term japcrap in regaurds to the skyline. i think its about time you guys get in on the action with what is clearly the most popular cars to find on the pegs, which is why you dont see them. for example, why dont you guys make a 4 door five ten, or mazda cosmo, or first gen civic hatchback? maybe make 90s fans proud by releasing a nissan s14 , zenki preffered but kouki would suffice. or lets see you guys release ameican grand am series cars like old amx, a better proportioned int scout2. or an alfa romeo super giullia , lotus cortina. these are all car that col,ectors would buy in quantities of ten, especially when they cant find them on the shelves. i really hope this gets fixed and i am very glad that you guys want to make matchbox great again

  26. I don't know about the rest of Canada, but I've been seeing more Matchbox in Ottawa-area Walmarts lately, including in dump bins, and the waves are recent ones like the one with the yellow Porsche Cayman and the Lamborghini LM002 plus that Dodge A100 pickup with the Firestone logo.

    Toys R' Us stores around here haven't seen new Matchboxes in ages, though. Dollarama gets plenty, but they're from several waves ago, and Loblaws gets new Matchbox cars sporadically.

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