Case Report: Opening a 2016 Hot Wheels B Case…

Greetings from LA.

I am here for the Hot Wheels Convention, and should probably start doing Convention things.  Today that will happen.  I am looking forward to hitting a few rooms, going to the RLC meet tonight, and hopefully put a few names to faces.

It has already been a memorable trip, as the post before this will attest.  Actually, the lack of posts is probably the best evidence.  Sleep has been secondary so far.  Soon I will write a little about my day yesterday with the Matchbox team.  So many exciting things are happening, and I will continue to implore you follow them on Instagram at @matchboxworld to get little hints of what is coming.  Plus, there has never been a Matchbox team more willing to interact with collectors, and listen to their ideas.  Get in on the dialogue.  They will listen.

But there is a lot happening with the blue brand as well, and I am here to get a little taste.  It seems there is an equal amount of Hot Wheels news coming away from the Convention as well, with Q cases and the 007 series hitting Walmarts in droves.  All those who have wanted the 180SX seem to be getting them.  That is great news.

And there is more news.  Hot Wheels 2016 Batch B is out.  Our friends at Wheel Collectors received a batch yesterday, and it is all listed here:

Hot Wheels 2016 Batch B

That was fast, eh?  It seems a little early, but who cares?  New stuff!  Thankfully, while I was out of commission yesterday Matt and Matt and crew did randomly pick one of the cases, and as always documented what they pulled, 3 models by 3.

So let’s get to it, shall we?  I have some comments below.

2016 Hot Wheels B Case:

Truly, not the most exciting case, but there are a few things of note:

This may be one of the first cases in a very long time that the best looking model could very well be the Regular Treasure Hunt.  This is a good-looking Vette:

The large rear wheel has returned to the Chevy LUV.  I assume that will be the standard version, although I like the small rear wheel.

The Super TH is the Hudson Hornet, but so far Wheel Collectors hasn’t pulled one.  That might change as they have more cases to open today.

The Cruise Bruiser is a fantastic fantasy casting, and the Chevy II looks great as well.  Looking forward to previewing them.

Nice to see the Then & Now models being released together.  It makes more sense for the casual fan to see the two cars together on the pegs.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Decent Batch, alot of cars to look forward too. Definitely love the Hudson Hornet, and the Batmobile. The HW450F is soo colorful that its unique. I do like the chrome on the HW High and HW Poppa Wheelie, but kinda wish the camaro zl1 was chrome instead of dull grey. Of course cruiser bruiser and side ripper look awesome but im not sure what side ripper is suppose to be (but still looks cool). Super Mario Hot wheels car is going to be a good hit. And even though I am not a fan of Cool One, I will admit the mario theme to it goes nice. The corvette is a bit dull in my opinion, color/tampos not going for it and wish it had different wheels, but yeah, it is better than most THunts. So I just named about half the cars on this list, I guess that means this is a good case ( not to mention all the other cool cars that are in this case that are apart of the A case).

  2. Like the Chevy 2, Love the Hudson Hornet and absolutely excited about the Cruise Bruiser. I love that the Cruise Bruiser is a station wagon and a demolition car plus its almost as if its set up to be a gasser by the looks of its stance and Im not sure what they were thinking but its way cool. I will buy a few to customize and bring the stance back down to stock height and add some nasty old blackwalls to them.

  3. Not much to like about this case, but I do like the emergence of the retro “super chromes” logo on that pop-a-wheelie. Hopefully some nicer more appropriate castings get the super chromes treatment!

  4. Not much to like about this case, but I do like the emergence of the retro “super chromes” logo on that pop-a-wheelie. Hopefully some nicer more appropriate castings get the super chromes treatment!

  5. Cruise bruiser looks interesting!…as someone else said that old z28 should be retired…wonder why they didn't use the much better '85 Iroc-z casting instead…

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