The Matchbox Nissan Skyline visits JDM Legends…

It is always a good thing to explore your roots, and to understand where you came from.

So it seemed appropriate that while the Matchbox Nissan Skyline prototype was visiting Lamley, it would benefit from a visit to our fellow Utahns JDM Legends.  Actually, if I am being honest, I used the Skyline as an excuse to visit the candy store.  When an CSP311 Silvia sits next to an Isuzu Bellet which sits next to a Fairlady Roadster which sits next to the 240Z that caused a stir at JCCS, which sits next to three Hakosukas, including a true C10 GT-R, you find an any reason to visit.

So after ogling at all the automotive goodness, I got around to showing Eric and the JDM-L crew the Matchbox Hakosuka, which they happily gave a thumbs up, noting especially the beautiful surf line.  And then it was time for pics.

One problem.  The great thing about an iPhone is that it is on you anytime an opportunity for photos pops up.  The bad thing is it makes you forget your good camera, which I did.  The iPhone photos are fine, but I only took a couple so I could enjoy the shop’s inhabitants just a little more.  That happens when you visit.

Incidentally, the Matchbox is sitting on the JDM-L Datsun 620 shop truck, which we showcased a couple of weeks ago along with @lukehotwheels‘ amazing custom replica.  That custom is now in its new home in the shop, where it belongs.  Cool eh?

Nonetheless, it was great getting the prototype over here before it makes its way back to California and the Design Center.  Hopefully it has had a nice trip here to the Crossroads of the West…