Preview: Oh my, the Matchbox 1971 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-X is coming along very nicely…

I can probably write whatever I want to in this space, because I doubt anyone is reading this.

Maybe I will write about the delicious dinner I had last night, or do a street-by-street list of how I am going to get to LA later this week.  Or include a list of every model coming out in the next year.  Whatever I do, it doesn’t matter because none of you are reading this.

Not with the photos that are accompanying this feature.  Like this one:

And this one:

Or even this one:

Oh boy.  Oh boy oh boy oh boy.  That is a Matchbox Nissan Skyline.  Who woulda thunk?

I will keep showing photos, and try to refrain from writing too much, so you won’t strain your finger scrolling to the next pic.

But in case you didn’t know, this is a mockup of the upcoming Matchbox 1971 Nissan Skyline 2000GT-X, which will hit the pegs some time in 2016.  And it is a big deal.

It is a big deal because it is one of the first times in 1:64 scale that a Hakosuka 2-door Skyline is being done with the surf line intact.  Just look at this:

photo from Nissan Heritage Collection

It is even a bigger deal that it is Matchbox doing it.  Not only does it seem appropriate for Matchbox to do a stock Skyline, but this model also hints at what we have been suspecting: Matchbox is coming back, and in a big way.

I will always be a Matchbox apologist, as I loved Matchbox as a kid, and as a collector I have always gravitated to orange’s approach.  But I will be the first to admit that being a Matchbox collector has been very hard the last few years.  Outside of the occasional gem like the BMW 1M and Dodge A100, there has been little to be excited about.  And there are a lot of reasons for it, but that is a post for another time.

But there is a new team, and they are very serious about bringing Matchbox back to what made us all love it in the first place.  And they are using the Skyline let us know.

The Skyline was actually decided on before this current team came aboard, but this team is developing it, and from their perspective there is no better model help collectors know what is coming.  What is coming is not a focus on JDM, but a focus on realism, mini versions of cars old and new, and a TON of variety.  We see that in the upcoming 2016 lineup, of which the Skyline will be a part.

What Matchbox allowed me to photograph and feature today is a hand-painted mockup of the Skyline, called a turnover model, the same that was previewed to a lucky few at JCCS a few days ago.  This is essentially what the model will look like when it is released, with maybe a few adjustments for the production version.  The upcoming first release might be a different color, but this is essentially be what will be flying off the pegs in 2016.

With all the excitement around this model, the folks at Matchbox have promised to keep us updated on its development, sometimes here on Lamley, but especially on their Instagram feed, @matchboxworld.  If you are not following, you really should.  The team is giving collectors unprecedented access to what they are doing, and there is bound to a lot more big news to come.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Alright, I will shut up now.  This is a pretty darn good time to be a collector, especially with Matchbox returning to form.  Where this is going will be fun to watch…


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  1. This is a fantastic example of what Matchbox has in store for the collector's market without question!!!!! And you are so right……it's a good time to be a collector!!! I've been so excited to be a part of this change and I am not finished either……

  2. I love this casting and I can't wait to customize it. Matchbox are masters at their craft. I just wish they would do a modern version of the Camaro and Mustang.

  3. Yes, indeed it is an excellent time to be an MBX collector, but it sucks to be an Asian MBX collector. Here in the Philippines, the licensed models are few and far between, and the pegs have stagnated. Please, please, please, I beg of you, please do MBX events here in Southeast Asia. With dump bins filled with licensed models, too.

  4. I suspect that UK collectors will have to source them online at inflated prices – the only models we seem to get these days are 2 year old off road or commercial vehicles. I feel the shoulder line is either too high or the side windows are a little too shallow but those wing mirrors, front and rear details are first class. I assume it has no suspension? I really hope that this is the start of another MBX golden period.

  5. you mentioned flying off the pegs in 2016. i doubt they will even hit the pegs in the numbers required to even meet the demand or quell an all out riot in department stores by collectors,.

    or by pegs did you mean the 3-5 pegs that most stores have for matchbox?

    Which pegs? the ones filled with peg warming off road vehicles and unproportional utility vehicles?

    matchbox needs to fix all of these issues before thiz car comes out and , the only way that seems doable is if they replace every peg warmer they are currently pumping out with this casting. which would mean that at least 80% of the box should include thîs skyline.

    i know thia may make me sou d like a jerk, but these are just the facts of demand. especially in the collector scalper rich southern california region.

  6. Looks great, really looking forward to that and the vw double cab…UK collectors- Morrisons have been getting new Matchbox stuff recently, picked up the green and black '69 Cadillac today, and saw (but left) the Cadillac One…have found the Tesla, Cayman and red BMW 1M there recently too…

  7. Don't stop writing your texts. There is no much websites where we can read so many detailed information and good reviews about 1:64 diecast cars. I know that the diecast pictures are important but they don't say much without the texts. Please keep your good job on the texts! By the way, have your ever heard about a japanese brand called Oversteer that makes very detailed 1:64 cars? I saw some Nissan GT-R Nismo pictures and they look amazing, even better than TLVs.

  8. Bring it on Matchbox bring it on bring on die cast 1971 Nissan Skylines to my country (Canada). I'm begging you to export this type of vehicle and more up to date Matchbox vehicles to my country.

  9. Although this casting is not my cup of tea, it is spectacular . If this is truly a change in direction MB needs to pull the peg warmers replace them with ones that are going to fly off the pegs. This is very exciting, but there are still models I haven't seen yet like The Mack Fire and Police Mustang. There are some generics I like, like the Harvester and some of the construction stuff. My suggestion would be to limit generic castings in each case until they see what is selling. I think the problems they have had is the stores that get them get by units and what is inside the cases don't matter. Believe me if they start jamming cases with sought after castings both MB and retailers will see dividens. I've been waiting a long time for this but I must I'm still very cautious. Larry is it possible you could give us an idea what else we could be in store for? Don't need pics just would like to know this is the change I've been hoping for.

  10. Yes, make it easy to get the good castings like this. Here in the UK we are atleast 4 cases out of hotwheels, nevermind finding supers, you cant find anything and that is a killer to enjoyment of collecting.

  11. When I begun collecting back in I wanna say around 2011, I was impressed with the Matchbox. It still took the backseat to Hot Wheels, but many of their stock cars looked stock & accurate compared to often cartoony Hot Wheels. I have many Matchbox from that era. Not sure what happened, but it seemed to have decided to cater to toddlers after that. Wild colors & very few castings that I would care looking for, at least personally.

    Skyline do look great, though I don't expect the production version to be as detailed. With other cars like the fox body Mustang I recently picked up, also the German Polizei BMW I'm looking for, I hope that this is the new trend from Matchbox. I get the impression that they aren't trying to be as good as they were before, but to be even better!

  12. Larry, I have you to thank for. If it wasn't for you to start asking collector's opinion, we wouldn't have had the chance to send the models and tell Matchbox what needs to be made. I am not sure if the team was influenced because of me (I lost count how many models I suggested and how many requests I made). But please let me know if possible if there is any model that I suggested that Matchbox will be making. Thank you!

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