RLC Sale Preview: Hot Wheels HWC Shelby Toyota 2000GT…

Are you ready?

After a less-than-stellar debut, the Hot Wheels Collectors website will once again try to conduct a sale tomorrow.  And it says something that the “interim” model that they are using as a guinea pig is none other than the highly anticipated Shelby Toyota 2000GT.

Well it says two things.  One, if things don’t go correctly, this could take what is already a mess and launch it into the stratosphere.  If there are a bunch of people who come away from this sale empty handed because the site didn’t work, it won’t be pretty.  Especially considering a model like this is a gateway model into the RLC.  Models like the 510 and 240Z BRE editions brought a lot of new collectors and interest to the RLC, and the Toyota can expand on that.  Let’s hope it doesn’t leave folks frustrated. The one-per-person limit should help with that, provided the site works.

The other thing it says is that the RLC has been releasing some winners lately.  After the Maxi Taxi debacle a few weeks ago, those in charge pulled the highly anticipated Candy Striper ’55 Gasser sale and shelved it until the site could be worked out.  The same goes for the Gulf ’67 Camaro.  As fantastic as the Toyota is, and as hot as Japanese cars are right now, it still can’t touch the ’67 Camaro and a model that looks as epically cool as the Gasser.  The RLC is releasing such nice models that the Toyota is the “least popular” model they are throwing out to test the site.  Crazy.

But enough about that.  The fact is this Toyota 2000GT is spectacular.  On the heels of the BRE 510 and 240Z, this is a logical choice.  And outside of the wheels, it is executed flawlessly.

The 2000GT has been a special model since its unique debut as a Super Treasure Hunt in 2013.  It wasn’t a typical Hot Wheels model, especially as a mainline.  We have seen some similar models since, like the Ferrari 250 California and Aston Martin DBS, but the Toyota 2000GT was definitely a surprise.  The story is well-known.  The Toyota was to be part of the premium Hot Wheels Racing series – rumored to be in this exact Shelby livery – but the line was cancelled.  The mold was completed, and the Toyota was already slated for the 2013 mainline as a basic and Super TH.  So the model was done, and unofficially debuted as a Super.  It was also unique in that the Super had a metal base, and the mainline plastic.

Since then the model has appeared in the mainline in 2014, and will also be a part of the Road Trippin line in a couple of months.  We have also just recently seen a convertible released in the Entertainment line.

The Toyota 2000GT is as iconic a car in Japan as the Corvette in the US or the Jag E-Type in the UK.  And while Shelby Racing is purely American, there is no more appropriate livery, and it has been executed wonderfully with this model.

Same goes for the amazing artwork.  Too bad I had to open this one for this preview.  I might have been tempted to keep it sealed.

The only issue is the wheels.  The Neo wheels are an RLC staple, and it doesn’t bother me too much, but considering Hot Wheels has Real Riders that look similar to the wheels on the real Shelby 2000GT, this is the only disappointment.  But only a small one.

All in all, this model is a must have, and a perfect compliment to the two BRE models.  What is next?  A racing Skyline or Celica?  The possibilities are endless.  And if models continue to look this good, people will return to the RLC.  Just fix the damn site…

The Shelby will be available tomorrow morning for RLC Members at 9:00 am Pacific Time.  Good luck…

12 Replies to “RLC Sale Preview: Hot Wheels HWC Shelby Toyota 2000GT…”

  1. This release has a few things going against it for being a HWC release:
    1. No spectraflame. The red here should have been spectraflame. I know it's not “accurate”, but being a HWC/RLC model, spectraflame is must.
    2. Price. There is no reason this should have $15 (or the last few RR “special editions” being $20 for that matter…). Should have been $10 like the BRE 510 and the series cars (as this is what this whole new “mirrorized” process was supposed to do, keep cost down). Was also annoyed with the BRE 240 being $15.
    3. Inkjet deco. That godforsaken inkjet deco process…

    This is a nice release, really.
    But for me, I'm not totally sold. Doesn't help I don't care for the car itself to begin with.

    I bet Shelby enthusiasts and JDM fans are definitely happy, however.

  2. And as per usual – unless your in the USA or Canada, you can go fly a kite….. shame really, Mattel seems to have no idea at all, about selling these things, I can even to OPEL, in Germany and order stuff from their accessories range and have them delivered to the UK, that includes model cars, so if a proper car brand can do it, why the hell not for a Toy brand…..

  3. Yes this casting is popular….world wide. But If I'm not mistaken RLC members are 95% North American. And we will not be chomping @ the bit on a Toyota. I don't think this one will sell out that fast. Yes Datsun's and Nissans are thru the roof right now, but the Toyota 2000 GT is relatively unknown still. I know you'd like to group all JDM together in one bunch, but it truely is a Datsun/Nissan wave in the collectors market.

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