Feast your eyes on the brand new Matchbox Jaguar F-Type…

Can you feel it?  It’s called buzz.

Not hype.  Buzz.  Matchbox is bringing it.

All of a sudden photos of Matchbox finds are appearing on Instagram.  BMW M5’s and Porsche Caymans are getting the same type of attention that was reserved for Hot Wheels Datsun Wagon and Skyline finds.  For awhile it seemed that would never be the case again.

But it is nice to see some excitement about the brand returning.  There is still a long way to go, starting with better product and improved distribution, but it can get there.  And models like the Jaguar F-Type will help.

A few years ago you could find a new Matchbox Audi R8 on the pegs next to a Porsche 911 and an SLR McLaren, and take them home and take a pic.  Finally today you can do it again.  Who would of thought that it would happen again, but in preparing for this post I was able to take a photo of a Porsche Cayman, Alfa Romeo 4C, BMW M5, and Tesla Model S along with the new F-Type, and ALL were released within this calendar year.  That is awesome.

And on top of that, I was able to tap into why I have always loved Matchbox and pull out a Jaguar E-Type to shoot with the F-Type.  Matchbox may not come close to the output of Hot Wheels, but when they put out a few gems each year, over time a great collection will form.  I display my TLV’s, I love my permanent collection of Hot Wheels, but my Matchbox collection gives me the most joy.

Anyway, the Jaguar F-Type is one of the 2015 new models we haven’t seen, and it was worth the wait.  All the detail is there, and Matchbox continues to return to their roots by keeping the deco plain and realistic.  The rear detail especially looks nice, and that is probably evident based on the all the rear angle shots I took.

I can’t overemphasize how much I like this model.  On its own it is great, but lumped in with all the other super and sports cars that Matchbox has done in the last 10 years, it is even better.  Matchbox should always have at least one or two new sports cars in the lineup, and this year has been rich with them.  It is nice to top it off with British beauty that pays homage to maybe the best looking car of all time.

I loved taking these pics, and because of that make sure you click on them.  You will get a much clearer version than what shows here.  These cars are too pretty to not be enjoyed fully…

There is one other set of photos I didn’t enjoy taking as much.  I don’t know if this speaks to how nice the Matchbox is, or how bad the Hot Wheels is.  Remember, while the Hot Wheels is a racing version, the Project 7 is an F-Type.  It sure doesn’t look like it.  I don’t like to be negative, but honestly Hot Wheels should be a little ashamed to release something that looks like that.  Yes, it goes on the track, but does it have to look like a go cart to do so?  It is too bad, because having the stock Matchbox next to a realistic replica of the Project 7 from Hot Wheels would have made for a fantastic duo.  Oh well…

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  1. For once – that is a MB casting worth having –

    Whether it will make its way onto the pegs at some stage is debatable such is the poor state of distribution, no doubt there will be many clamouring for it on the likes of ebay.

    So whilst I have stopped with MB in full, stuff like this is worth picking up – so well done to the team in getting this created. I don't say it very often but credit due here.

    John has rightly pointed out that there is much to do – however, I think that some major damage has been done and Jean Gomez has a massive task ahead.

  2. Where it says in this article regarding that there's still a long way to go including better products and improved distribution I prefer that it be a short way to go (know what I mean?) and these factors will become the reality in my country (Canada.)

  3. On first look, the F-Type is STUNNING, absolutely STUNNING, and i suspect that it will be the HW Escort all over again, with massive prices being asked on eBay, the rubbish distribution needs to be dealt with NOW, not later, with the stunner's they have already launched, they could go to suppliers with those, and pictures of what's to come, and between the two that should be enough to get MBX back on the shelves, there is only one shop around here and i live in a city, that stocks MBX, they seem to have a dozen OLD cases for every new one, so what's going on there i have no idea, but they are like hens teeth or Rocking Horse poo, but i am looking forward to getting a few of these.

  4. Like you JTL my Matchbox make me the happiest of all my models. I love sports cars. I love the F Type in person. This is awesome. It makes me wish we still have the Premiere line going to see what this and the Tesla would look like in that guise.

    As others have stated, the hard part will be to find it in the flesh. Still striking out on the Tesla, BMW police bike, Mack CF and a few other odds and ends. It is not just the scalpers who pull the first models, it is also they don't get restocked to find them in the next wave once the hype cools.

  5. IMO – Whenever I see a Hot Wheels vs Matchbox comparison, it always feels like Hot Wheels are created by Mattel's Interns and Matchbox are created by the Senior Designers

  6. Please, could someone tell me when the MB Jaguar F-Type will be available? I even tried on ebay and nothing… is this a pre-production model on the pictures?

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